The CEO.
The Visionary. The Creative. The Strategist.

Karlyn Ankrom is the founder and lead strategist and Oh Snap! Social and creator of the Fan Firestarter Framework, a new approach to social media marketing made specifically for businesses “tempted to fake their own death and flee to Tahiti at the mere thought of content creation.” Karlyn developed her user-friendly strategy after working for a decade with a variety of brick and mortar businesses who were decidedly social allergic, as she calls it, not because they didn’t want to do social media, but because they were intimidated by it. In response, her new system helps newbies get on the fast track to “unsucking their social media” in just one hour per week.

First app you open in the morning: Calendar app

What inspires you daily: The Oh Snap! Social squad inspires me as they’re constantly curious about how to continue to propel our clients’ forward in the ever-changing social media landscape. Our clients also inspire me in the message they’re putting out to the masses and the work they’re doing to make an impact on their audience. We’re lucky to be part of their orbit!

Favorite thing outside of work: I absolutely love to dance and still teach it to this day at a local studio! You will see me dancing on TikTok and Instagram reels — often. I also have used my dance skills to create viral flashmob choreography in my previous work life.

Alexis Carter-Richardson

The Integrator. The Ops Ninja. The Process Wrangler.

Alexis Carter-Richardson is the Integrator here at Oh Snap! Social. She works with our rockstar CEO, Karlyn, to establish and implement structures and systems that will ensure effective operation of the organization, enable consistent high quality client experience, and enhance opportunities for future growth.

First app you open in the morning: Calendar app

What inspires you daily: I love seeing a vision and goals come to life! It literally gives me joy.

Favorite thing outside of work: I love reading and spending time with friends and fam!

Crystal Pekarek

The Designer. The Content Producer. The Captivating Creator.

Crystal Pekarek is the Content Producer at Oh Snap! Social. She absolutely loves creating custom graphics and written content for clients’ social media accounts. Helping a client bring their vision to life, helping them to expand on an idea when they know what they want but don’t have the time to sit down and create something, and bringing new ideas to clients to help them grow their business are all part of getting up and “going to work” everyday, and Crystal couldn’t imagine anything better. Crystal is also a wife and a mom of three girls (and one dog, Meatball) who graduated with a Bachelor degree, only to realize she didn’t want to work a regular 9 to 5 job. So, she hired coaches and took online courses to learn her job as a Content Creator who now works from home to help bring creativity, ideas, and information to the Oh Snap! Social team and our clients

First app you open in the morning: Calendar

What inspires you daily: My family and this team. I didn’t think I wanted to work for someone else. I thought I wanted to be off on my own, but it turns out, I absolutely LOVE being part of this team and having these other amazing people around to share ideas, interact with, and work together on projects to make amazing things happen! And my family always inspires me to try to do better and be better every single day.

Favorite thing outside of work: When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, both immediate and extended family, I love reading, I love a good organizing project, I love to color (yup, you read that right), and I love to have friends over for some good, relaxing fun.

Amy | Oh Snap Social Team


The Virtual Assistant. The Calendar Coordinator. The Inbox Extraordinaire.

Amy is a virtual assistant for Oh Snap! with a background in business management, customer experience, and social media. As a team member of Oh Snap! Social, and a previous agency owner herself, Amy loves that she gets to support Karlyn by taking small tasks off her list and helping her focus on the big stuff! Amy loves that she can contribute to the success of Oh Snap! Social while working from home and being there for her family as well!

First app you open in the morning: Wordle. Yes, I’m still addicted 🙂

What inspires you daily: My 8yr old son and how fast he changes and grows!

Favorite thing outside of work: If I have any free time for myself, you can find me on the tennis court 😉

Darlene Howell

The Community Manager. The Instagram Engager. The Response Round Up.

Darlene is the Community Manager at Oh Snap! Social. She loves diving into a brand’s unique voice and finding the perfect audience for each client while creating and growing a loyal community for them. Her previous experience working with large groups of people for events (charity galas, conventions, corporate functions) helps her identify and connect with a diverse audience. She also has a background working with large and small companies on various Instagram marketing campaigns, content creation, and photography.

First app you open in the morning: Instagram

What inspires you daily: Art and creativity. I love working with this team and seeing all the different ways everyone expresses themselves through their work, and getting to collaborate with them to come up with new ideas together.

Favorite thing outside of work: Creating in many different forms! I also love going to thrift stores for the thrill of the hunt. I’m always on the lookout for unique items that I can add to my collections or turn into art. I also love to read and spend time with my family.

Steph Campisi

The Wordsmith. The Bookworm. The Punslinger.

Steph Campisi is a copywriter and author whose work has appeared in local and national campaigns across the US, New Zealand, and her native Australia. She’s worked extensively on brand identity and development projects, ad campaigns, and every type of copy development imaginable. At Oh Snap! she’s the one brainstorming and prepping blogs and other word-heavy goodness. Steph has an honours degree in linguistics, an extensive background in academic and educational publishing, and has never met a pun she hasn’t liked.

First app you open in the morning: Duolingo

What inspires you daily: All the words! Nothing makes me happy like learning something new or happening across a delightful turn of phrase.

Favorite thing outside of work: I’m a multi-published children’s book author, so I spend my evenings and weekends writing, at book signings or at bookish events (pre-pandemic, anyway!). If you spot one of my books on the shelf at your local bookshop, drop me a line and I’ll send you a bookmark!

Kieron Atkinson

The Fixer. The Builder. The Techy Guy.

Kieron is the resident tech guru at Oh Snap! Social: he takes care of all things website related, email, integration, funnels, domains… we could go on for ever and ever but it’s basically everything online that happens behind-the-browser-tab. Kieron’s been dabbling in the techy stuff since he tried to fix some broken website code for a friend back in 2009 and found it strangely easy. It’s weird… he actually enjoys this stuff!  Kieron is a British born Australian New Zealander who sometimes forgets which country he’s in when he wakes up.. buuut he gets things done and gets them to work.. so we figure that’s cool.

First app you open in the morning: Mac Mail… mainly to clean out all the marketing emails (I sign up to waaay too many things).

What inspires you daily: The challenge to learn a new skill. Tech is always changing, so there’s always something to add to the knowledge base.

Favorite thing outside of work: My other love is broadcast radio. It was my first career which began a few years before graduating high school and it continues to be a source of enjoyment and fun for me. It’s not really work (it’s more a hobby these days) it’s music, communicating, and teaching others how to do the same.

Cathy Kaczmarczyk | Content Producer | Oh Snap Social

Cathy Kaczmarczyk

The Content Producer. The Color Connoisseur. The Visual Creator.

Cathy Kaczmarczyk is a Content Producer for Oh Snap! Social with a background in social media marketing and design. She has partnered with a number of small businesses and influencers to help them grow their online businesses. Prior to working in social media, Cathy led teams of interior designers who helped homeowners choose paint colors. When she switched careers and started working in social media marketing, her understanding of color gave her an edge. She really believes color has a huge impact on content creation.

First app you open in the morning:Insta! I have so many conversations in my DMs with good friends. I love to read those in the morning to get me motivated for the day.

What inspires you daily: Journaling and documenting my self-care. It has helped me rediscover myself after having a baby.

Favorite thing outside of work: I love reading and doing activities with my baby. We love going to the zoo and to the park!