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Don your cape, strike a power pose, and brace for better engagement.

Meet the Fan Firestarter Framework.

Just don’t ask us to say that 5 times fast.


Everything we do follows this formula, and each step requires completing the step before. (Think of them as building blocks. We can’t stack new strategies on top of what doesn’t exist.)


Pulse Check

Popping the hood on your current content, we take note of your starting numbers and future goals — cuz we can’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we’re at.



Tapping into 12+ years of  industry knowhow (and constant research), get concrete recs on how to optimize, engage & grow consistently over time with assets like hashtag clusters & content mixes.



From Done-for-You to DIY, we bring the implementation options that boost your results. Let us handle it all for you, or take it off our hands. The choice is always yours.

Fan Firestarter Framework - Oh Snap Social

Now that you know how we work,
here’s what we work on.

Choose your own adventure
& social growth approach.

Corporate Companies


You & your bigger crew want a seamless extension of your marketing team to take over every aspect of social media. From initial ideas through implementation, outreach, and measuring what matters, you’re ready to pass the baton.

Solopreneurs & Tiny Teams

Done-With-You and DIY

Whether you’re flying solo as a freelancer or partnered with an incredible VA, let’s skip into the sunset and sort through your social strategy. We map it all out in actionable detail, so it’s ready for you to implement by yourself, or with your team.

Corporate Companies

Completely Done-For-You


Everything you need to get noticed, gain traction & take charge of your socials — without adding anything extra to your plate. (Unless it’s an extra scoop of gravy. Gravy is always allowed.)

Build your dream social media team by choosing from the menu below.

Just as a reminder: You can’t advance to the next phase without doing the phase before it. (Example: If we haven’t done the Pulse Check together, we can’t enter into Phase 2 of Strategy.)

Phase 1 | Pulse Check Audit

— Happening weeks 1 + 2 —

Hear that? It’s what makes your business tick. We get to the bottom of your current social channels, take note of numbers & goals, and map out what will make the most difference in your likes, clicks, and clients.

This looks like:

  • Taking a digital deep dive into your business, with a 1-hour kick off call.
  • Optimizing your pages & profiles so people can’t wait to connect.
  • Benchmarking the current numbers on your social media, so we have a starting place.
  • Running a competitor analysis so you can swipe the best-kept secrets & leave the rest.
  • Pinpointing the best that will help get you to your goals.
  • Pulling full audience analytics to give you a snapshot of your community.
  • Identifying & analyzing what content is working — and what isn’t — to move the needle and make real progress.
  • Compiling a complete data deck with all numbers and recs clearly outlined for you.

Phase 2 | Strategy

— Happening weeks 2 + 3 —

Get your ultimate roadmap & rulebook that brings customers to your digital front doors. This Social Media Manual is your forever North Star for knowing how to help your brand strut its best stuff online.

This looks like:

  • Creating specific communication strategies, based on the platforms we choose.
  • Nailing down super concrete goals per platform, so we always know where we stand.
  • Developing a full audience persona that breaks down exactly who should be talking to.

    Curating full hashtag recommendations, based on what’s trending and relevant.

  • Delivering an image branding guide that outlines what graphics will look like.
  • Setting up your complete content calendar, so you always know what’s coming up.
  • Outlining the specific implementation plans for powerful social media that grows with time.

Phase 3 | Implementation + Acceleration

— Ongoing monthly support —

Keep it all running smooth as buttah—while you sit back and breathe deep. With 3-5 posts per week on the social channels identified from the strategy phase, the custom images, product images, and links to relevant info will convert lookie-loos to lifelong fans. This is when we put the plans into action.

This looks like:

  • Drumming up an ongoing treasure trove of content ideas for you to approve or veto.
  • Designing 8 – 10 branded templates, so you never have to wonder if it looks professional.
  • Posting 3 – 5 times per week on the 2 social media channels we choose together, and you don’t have to touch it.
  • Reviewing metrics and analytics reports so you know what’s happening behind the scenes.
  • Perfecting the strategy on our 2x monthly calls, so we’re being the most effective partners possible for your business.

Phase 4 | Outreach Deployment & Management

— Ongoing monthly support —

Let’s put the social back in social media — because gone are the days of posting and ghosting. Communicating consistently with your people is crucial to growth. That’s why we make sure no comment, message, or question is left unanswered. We’re your community managers in the trenches that take care of it all. 

This looks like:

  • Mastering your voice & tone that was laid out in strategy.
  • Partnering with you to polish and perfect our customer responses.
  • Moderating comments 5 days a week on the social channels that we choose together.
  • Moderating messages 5 days a week on those same social channels.
  • Deploying the Oh Snap! Social Squad to your channels 5 days a week, where we’ll organically engage with your community and ideal clients.
  • Relaying leads that come through via messages or comments & adding them to your pipeline or list.

Growing your social media is a full-time job.
That’s why we’ve made it ours.

Investment for everything included above: 

— Beginning at $750 —

Social Media is challenging but Oh Snap makes it easy! Karlyn and the team at Oh Snap are very creative, intuitive and professional. It has been a pleasure working with such a responsive team. I would recommend them to any association looking to expand its influence on Social Media.

Carmen Rustenbeck

They immediately understood our voice and seamlessly integrated with our existing brand to amplify our messaging and create even more engagement with our content. My business recently hired Oh Snap! Social for a social media audit, social media manual, reporting, and management. We were impressed by their organized and fast delivery of our audit and manual, but were even more impressed by the content they created for us.  We had the ability to tweak and approve everything before it went live so I still felt like I was posting, but without the countless hours of work it would have taken me to put it all together. If you are looking for support with your social media management, I highly recommend using Oh Snap! Social. And be ready to take your content up a notch!

Amy Dagliano
a co-working company

Does Done-For-You feel
a little daunting right now?

Our services for solopreneurs & smaller teams
might be exactly what you’re searching for.

Solopreneurs & Tiny Teams

Done-With-You and DIY

Content On Demand


If “create social media posts” is staring you down from your to-do list, let’s spend some focused time figuring it out for you.

No overwhelming technobabble. No pressure to be perfect. Instead, we’ll encourage the REALness and cheer for your mess. (It’s also what gets the most engagement.)

In these powerful bursts of brainstorming, we’ll generate publish-worthy ideas & content that you can implement immediately.

(And just as a reminder, we’ll need to partner on the Pulse Check & Strategy first.)

Brainstorm in a Snap!

2-Hour Consulting for Creative Output


Get ideas for your content calendar that last you an entire quarter. During our session, we’ll drum up new campaigns and coordinate content ideas for you and your team. 

You’ll confidently walk away with a quarterly calendar chock-full of inspo, ideas, and concepts that are ready for implementation.

— Investment: $950 —

Content in a Snap!

2-Hour Intensives for Content Generation


We’ll take 2 total hours together to uplevel your social media posts. This is our time to physically create content together that’s postable as soon as our sessions end.

From upcoming launches to entertaining reels & LinkedIn posts, we’ll generate 10-25 pieces of content — all ready to plug ‘n’ play on your social media platforms.

— Investment: $2,200 —

“I can now walk my talk…”

“Getting in the mode of creating my own content had been a bit of a challengeuntil I met Karlyn. During our session we not only brainstormed content I could share with my audience, but actually pressed record. At the end of our session, I felt like a weight had been lifted, and I can now walk my talk in my industry. If you want to work with someone who has a knack for getting knowledge nuggets out of your head and into the world, book yourself a Content in a Snap session!”

Justin Goldstein
Press Record Communication

Karlyn is absolutely amazing. I began working with her last June and since then she’s helped me to grow my Instagram account by more than 15,000 followers. The strategy she put together for my account was and continues to be spot on. The ideas and suggestions she continues to generate for my account are effective, clear and easy for me to implement. I can not recommend her highly enough!

Nicole McNicols
Professor at the University of Washington

If you want to up your social media game and want to sit with someone who can get you comfortable with social media, building your content, and building your online presence, you have to talk to Karlyn at Oh Snap! Social. I wouldn’t do it without her.

Lisa Mitchell
EKKO Title

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