How to Finally Make Social Media Work for Your Business

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Podcasts

In this episode with Karlyn Ankrom, she answers pressing questions for solopreneurs, such as: What are 3 tangible things solopreneurs can do today to move the needle on their social media efforts? So many people measure vanity metrics. What should solopreneurs actually measure and how often? Can it actually impact ROI quickly? How does a solopreneur inject personality into their posts? People often forget to use CTAs in their posts. What are some good CTAs to use to increase engagement and do they change across platforms? How do you best advise solopreneurs to straddle the line between their personal and professional lives on social media? Do the lines get blurred with relationship building on social platforms? For people who only serve their local community, should they be doing anything differently?


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