10 Ideas for Repackaging Your Content For Social Media

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Content Creation, Social Media, Social Media Engagement, Social Media Strategy

Here at Oh Snap! Social, we’re big proponents of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And we’re not just talking about on garbage and recycle pickup day. We’re talking about your content strategy. Because the more uses you get out of your content, the less you have to produce in the first place. Can I get an amen? Amen. That means more time and dollars in the bank.

One of the top, way-too-often-overlooked ways to repurpose your content? Serving it up on social media.

Here are some of our favorite ways to repackage your top content for social media.

GREAT QUOTES - great content

1. A quote, a quote, my kingdom for a quote!

The online world is obsessed with quotes. Do a quick google or IG scroll and you’ll see what we mean. Pull out a great quote from your own high-performing piece of content and slap it on a background (better yet, a repurposed background!), and voila! You’ve got snackable, shareable content poised to go viral. (Lazy? Just screengrab a popular Tweet and put it on Instagram.)

2. You get an infographic, and you get an infographic…

Digestible + educational = winning combination. Pull out the key points from an informative article, then put together a simple chart, infographic or map to pop up on social. Try hosting the image on your site for a traffic boost. This type of content rocks and displaying complex data and stats in a simple way.

3. Let’s hear it for documenting the journey

#TBT is a time for getting nostalgic…and resurfacing old content. Though #TBT seems to be a bit passé, you can continue to tell incredible stories of your business journey to those in your audience…and it doesn’t have to be a Thursday to share it either.

4. We want answers (to this quiz)

Got a great photo showing off your product or services? Repost it to Insta Stories with a poll on top, or put it up on your LinkedIn profile with a poll. You’ll keep your content calendar happy and invite loads of engagement. Bonus: You’re doing market research at the same time.

5. The Twitter thread to end all threads

Want to show the world how smart and expert you are? Behold the power of the Twitter thread. Break down a recent piece of research or summarize a blog post in a series of threaded tweets, and try to get your ideas trending.

6. Get thee to a Pinterest board

Ever noticed that these days Google Image search is basically just Pinterest? Take advantage of that. Pull out some key images from your blog posts (don’t forget to add links!) or social accounts and add them to an SEO Optimized board. Enjoy the traffic boost!

7. SlideSharing is caring

Have a presentation or infographic sitting around on your computer? Break it up and put it up on LinkedIn SlideShare. Make sure it’s optimized for mobile and for search – organic traffic will account for most of your traffic.

8. Don’t be afraid of copy/paste

Worried about getting dinged by Google for pasting your (original) content on multiple platforms? Don’t be. Pop your blogs up on Medium and LinkedIn Articles as well as your website for a traffic boost within those platform’s ecosystems.

9. Embrace the carousel

Got some photos that go nicely together? Group them into a collage or carousel on Instagram and bam – you’ve got new visual content for people to pore over. Or remember that blog post that performed well on your website? Why not create text based graphics and upload them as a carousel post on Instagram to have your audience swipe through the key points of your blog post right there on the ‘gram.

10. Videos, videos all around

If you’ve been busy on TikTok, don’t leave all your best content where only Gen Z will see it. Repurpose your video content for use in IG Reels or Stories. Now the olds (ie Gen Y and Millennials) will get to eyeball it too.

There are tons of ways you can use social media to give your hard-won content an extra boost. If you want to get into the weeds of how to repackage your content for social media, come join me at my upcoming class! Can’t wait that long? Let’s set up a call!