3 Instagram Story Ideas To Draw Your Audience Closer

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Content Creation, Instagram, Social Media Strategy

Navigating the vibrant but sometimes daunting world of social media, it’s easy to find ourselves caught in the clutches of the dreaded Imposter Monster. This pesky creature loves nothing more than to stir up doubts, making us paralyzed to share our authentic selves on platforms like Instagram. The antidote to this dilemma lies in embracing creative, fun, and engaging content ideas that not only highlight your expertise and what makes you different but also build a stronger, more connected community.

For March, I’ve dedicated myself to conquering this challenge head-on, sharing these three specific story types on my Instagram daily…plus a lil’ bonus nugget too. Let me share this magical trio with you, designed to charm your audience and kick the Imposter Monster to the curb. That dude never stood a chance anyway, right? Let’s get into it! 

The “TODAY” List

Imagine starting your day not just with a glass of cold brew but with a moment of shared intention. Intention – love that word. Notice I didn’t label this section the “to-do list.” The “TODAY” list is a snapshot of my day—be it through a photo or a video—detailing what I’m tackling work-wise and what I have in my day that’s for me. This not only helps me set my priorities but also gives my followers a behind-the-scenes look at what projects I’m working on before they’re live. This allows me to share my digital products and services without it feeling “salesy.”


Spark Joy!

Who said social media all work and no play? Not on my watch! As a former dancer turned dance teacher, I believe in the power of joy and movement. That’s why I share snippets of my dance breaks, whether it’s grooving in my office chair, busting a move between tasks, or learning the latest TikTok trending choreography just for the hell of it.

It’s a delightful reminder to infuse our days with fun and not take ourselves too seriously. For me it’s dancing, for you it might be spending a slow morning on the porch with your journal or getting in an afternoon sweat session. If you’re a social butterfly in your office perhaps its enjoying after work happy hour and a sunset walk home. Whatever it is try to infuse your Stories with some light-hearted energy. Reminder: Social media is supposed to be fun! 

Be Relatable and  Engaging

The essence of social media is connection, and what better way to foster this than through engaging content? It could be a humorous meme, a captivating Reel, or, my personal favorite, a thought-provoking question paired with an engagement sticker. This opens up a two-way street, inviting my audience into a conversation. It’s about peeling back the curtain and showing the real, relatable person behind the brand.

BONUS: Sell Something!

This is something that even as a social media strategist I don’t do nearly enough. Now that everyone has the ability to use the Link sticker in our stories to direct traffic away from Instagram to our website, we should take advantage of that! If you have a freebie download, an upcoming workshop, a book launch or releasing a new product or service – you have to tell your audience about it! Don’t let Imposter Monster in telling you that you shouldn’t, them ‘em to get lost! Because from experience, if you build it they WILL NOT come unless you TELL THEM it exists!!! 

This easy-to-follow framework for Instagram Stories has been my beacon, keeping me consistent and deeply connected with my audience. It reminds my audience of the projects I’m passionate about and offers glimpses into the person behind the business.

Now, I turn the spotlight on you: What are your three Instagram Story ideas that could send the Imposter Monster packin’? Think of this as your canvas to express, connect, and engage. Share your trio with me here, and let’s brainstorm together to make your social media presence as authentic and engaging as it can be.

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