4 Ways To Support Local Businesses Using Social Media

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Social Media

The power of social media is important now more than ever, especially for local businesses and change organizations that are looking to build buzz and leverage opportunities for support within the community. Local businesses are leaning into social media more than ever because usage among consumers is up 61% over normal rates since the start of COVID-19. Oh Snaaap! This uplevel in digital attention forced many to get creative. With the help of the big guys, Instagram and Facebook, there are new tools to make it easier for customers to contribute to businesses’ bottom lines.

So today before you tuck yourself into bed… I challenge you to take one of the following actions to help support your top spot in town or favorite change organization or movement. If you prefer to watch rather than read, check out my segment from WJLA ABC7 Greater Washington where I shared these top tips during #NationalSocialMediaDay!


𝟏. Share your experience with a local business in your area

Experience great food? Amazing customer experience? A streamlined donation process? Share it on your social media platforms with your own photos and videos you created. Don’t forget to properly tag that local business too so they are notified of your posts!

𝟐. Leave a review or recommendation for your favorite local spot!

Over 70% of customers give significant weight to reviews before making a buying decision. Take the two minutes to leave a kind review on either Google or Facebook, those business owners and team will be grateful you did!

𝟑. Leverage the incredible tools built into Instagram Stories

Stickers!!! Donation, gift card, food order, small biz shoutouts, oh my! Use them to give kudos. Small businesses, make sure you’re using these 1-click sticker solutions to add $$ to your bottom line. #chaching

𝟒. Share content far and wide!

See a local business sharing amazing content on social media to promote their business? Share it with your network to lend support!⁣

How are you supporting your favorite local business on social media today?! ⁣