Are You Connecting the Digital Dots to Generate Those Sweet, Sweet Conversions?

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Video

So you’ve been posting up a storm and getting all the likes, shares and comments your high school self longed for, but your DMs and email list are looking sad and lonely 🙁

What’s the deal? Why are people showing that first date interest, but then stopping short at putting a ring on it?

I hate to say it, but this is a you problem, babe.

I don’t mean that you’re un-dateable or un-loveable. You know you’re a catch. I know you’re a catch. But being coy and shy is an approach that only delivers in 80s teen romantic comedies. (Sorry, Molly Ringwald, you’re still a legend!)

If you’re after more than some heart-eye emojis, you’d better get out there and say it before your would-be suitors go after those other fish in the digital sea.

Here are my favorite, fool-proof ways of turning that first flush of interest into something more.

1. Ask Them To Slide Into Your DMs

Want to start a conversation? First, start with interest-piquing, applicable content. Stuff that makes your peeps sit up and go…hey, gimme more of that! If you want legit opportunities in your DMs, you’ve got to actually invite people in.

Make it explicit that you want people to DM you with Qs and requests to connect. Post up an invite on your profile. Decorate your Stories with an engaging sticker. Add a CTA in the body copy of your posts. Write it in the sky. Whatever works for your brand. Just put it out there. Because if you don’t ask…the answer is already “nah.”

(Pro Tip: make sure your DMs are open! Look, there WILL be spam. SO MUCH SPAM. But it’s worth sifting through that to find the gems.)

2. Invite Them to Join Your Email List

Ask, and ye shall receive. If your fans and followers aren’t signing up for your email list in droves, it could be because…they have no idea it even exists! Honest question: When was the last time you talked about your newsletter? Oh. Well. This is awkward.

C’mon, life’s too short to be shy about your awesomeness! If you’ve got a killer newsletter, shout it out! Post about it. Don’t just tell them that it exists, share with them what they missed last week and invite them to not miss out on the next one by joining now. Add a clickable or swipeable link. And let your audience know what good stuff they’ll be getting (and how often) when they sign up. Because your emails are gold, right? RIGHT?

3. Create an AMAZEBALLS lead magnet

You know what else encourages people to go from “just browsing” to “sign me up”? Pure, unadulterated bribery. I kid, I kid. A bit.

Anyway, if you’re not hip to the slang, a “lead magnet” is digital marketer speak for the gotta-have-it freebie that you’re going to give away in exchange for someone’s contact details. They could look something like this, this, or even this.

Lead magnets could also be free consults, spiffy downloadables, or a handy-dandy ebooks – whatever you’ve got that shows off what you do and intrigues them to want more. Don’t give away everything you’ve got (hey, we’ve all gotta eat), but make it high-value enough that your fans are good with signing away their email addy in exchange for it. Think: Share the “what” not the “how.”

(Pssst – make sure that your sales funnel doesn’t just end with your lead magnet. It should just be the first in your breadcrumb trail leading to your main products or services.)

(Pro Tip: make sure your DMs are open! Look, there WILL be spam. SO MUCH SPAM. But it’s worth sifting through that to find the gems.)

4. Make “Always Be Converting” Your Mantra

This one’s more a mindset than a tip, but it’s one that’ll serve you well. Whenever you’re tweeting, posting, sharing or Reeling, make sure you’ve got conversions on your mind. How will that shiny new bit of content encourage sign-ups? What tweaks can you make to get people to drop you a line? How can you make it something that inspires DMs instead of fire emojis? To paraphrase Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, Always Be Converting.

Give these four simple tips a shot, and report back to me with any changes you see in your conversion rates. And for more tips on converting like a boss, follow me on social, or sign up for our weekly SNAPshot email. (see? I told you it works!)