LinkedIn Stories Are Here! Should You Give Them A Try?

by | Oct 13, 2020 | LinkedIn

 In an attempt to give professionals an opportunity to connect on a more intimate level, LinkedIn has added LinkedIn Stories to their platform. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Stories? On LinkedIn? I don’t want to show my new holiday sweaters to the business peeps!” But before you give up on the idea, just think of all the amazing ways you can open up your business to your connections through elements of story! You don’t have to show your holiday sweater unless it’s your product. But you can pull back the curtain on your business and give a sneak peek of just how things are done.

Adding LinkedIn Stories allows potential clients to go on a professional journey with you that words and photos do not. Images only give us a split second of a moment, and words can paint a vivid picture, but adding the element of video allows others to get an actual feel for who you are as a brand. After all, we’re going through a period where the world has been forced to adapt their business to an online model and being able to form a genuine human connection puts you at an advantage.


While Stories aren’t new to social media, they’re new to LinkedIn and just like with anything else, they’re probably going to take some getting used to. Most business professionals probably aren’t accustomed to professional video sharing unless their brand is already video content heavy. Therefore, we have to take into account the learning curve that comes along with this new feature.

LinkedIn Stories are also currently available to mobile app users only, which leaves those who are accustomed to using LinkedIn on their desktops out. Just as with any new feature, it’s going to take some time for everyone to hop on the Stories bandwagon, so don’t get discouraged. If you start creating consistent story content now on either your profile or Company Page, you can consider yourself one of the pioneers in a few months when LinkedIn is flooded with stories.


Now that I’ve got your brain circuits firing, let’s talk about ways to start using this new feature, shall we? By no means am I saying you have to use it. Remember when I gave you permission to not feel like you have to be active on every social media platform out there. However, if you’re already using LinkedIn, these are some ways you can leverage your business and optimize everything it has to offer. Here are five ways you can use LinkedIn Stories to your brand’s advantage:

Document a day-in-the-business-life

Take your connections on a behind-the-scenes style tour of how you get things done. Allowing others to see how much hard work goes into making your business work builds confidence in your brand and it gives those who are new to you a sense of familiarity.

Show the process behind your latest service

Talking about a new service you’re offering is one thing but being able to show a sneak peek adds an exciting element to your business. Leaving your prospects eager to reach out and learn more.

Ask for ideas on your upcoming presentation

Allowing your connections to lend a voice to your brand not only gives you the opportunity to interact and build a rapport, but it also gives you valuable insight on how they think of you. This gives you a chance to know who they are and learn ways to connect with them better.

Share a client win

Nothing builds confidence in potential new clients like showing you’re in demand. So go ahead, toot your own horn a little!

Give advice

Remember how we just talked about giving a little something away in order to build trust in your brand? Using your LinkedIn Stories to give short snippets of advice accomplishes just that. Whether it’s once a week, or a tip of the day, this is an easy way to pull your audience in and offer them a valuable take-away for free!

Overall, I’d say LinkedIn Stories is a fun way to spice up your business content! There’s a benefit to you and your potential clients. Want to brainstorm some ideas for LinkedIn Stories content? Give me a call!