You’ve seen those Live alerts popping up on your social, but you’re not sure about taking the plunge yourself. Like sure, video gets the highest engagement across all of social media, but Live—eep, that’s a whole new world. What if you forget everything you know about your subject expertise? What if you curse? 

I say: stress less. The pros far outweigh the cons. Going Live is amazing for brand building, audience outreach, and your confidence.

Don’t believe me? Here are 6 reasons why it pays to be a Blake Go-Live-ly.

 1. Insta-feedback.

When you go Live on any platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram), your audience can chime in with questions and reaction emojis. You can see who’s watching, how they’re responding, and gulp…if they tune out. This lets you adjust your presentation on the fly – and gives you great intel on what kind of content your audience loves to see. Pro Tip: Don’t panic if your first few lives have an audience of zero – view this as good practice and extremely normal!

2. On-the-go outreach.

Going Live puts you on your audience’s screen in real-time. It’s a great opportunity to answer questions, touch on topics of interest, or share information as its happening. Say you’re an event organizer, a Live is ideal for going over the details of an upcoming event with vendors or volunteers in a closed Facebook group.

3. No-frills content.

Live video is all about keeping it simple. Thank goodness, right? Audience expectations are way lower for Live, and they don’t demand super polished content. Don’t stress about filters or transitions or editing – just find a spot with good light (and no clutter) and make it happen. Your audience will love the authenticity.

4. Algorithms love it.

Most social media platforms prioritize live video over pre-recorded content. (Makes sense, because they want you to be able to watch while it’s happening!) When you go Live, your audience will get a notification– enticing them to click over and see what’s going on. Because, hey, FOMO.

5. Build anticipation.

Got a cool product about to launch? Offering a new package or service? A Live is a great way to tease that release and answer any FAQs. It’s also a more cost-effective way to get the word out rather than booking an in-person meeting or spending a ton on glossy ads and outreach. And if you missed something in your initial outreach? No biggie. Use a Live to fill those gaps and get your audience the answers they need. 

6. Just you being you.

When you go Live, you can’t go back and edit. I know, I know – that part seems scary. It’s something that demands honesty and authenticity. So just roll with it, own the gaffes, and enjoy the experience. Your audience will love the window into your brand and personality way more than they’ll enjoy a snazzy Canva graphic. The best part, you can decide after the Live has ended whether or not you want to save it or delete it entirely.

If you’re freaking out about going live for the first time, check out our tips here.

So the next time a friend asks to collaborate or you’re getting a ton of FAQs about something, make Live your solution. It’s simple, it’s real, it’s free, and it’s an excuse to skip all that post-production stuff you don’t have time for right now anyway. Hit that “go live” button – I believe in you.

Thinking about going live or want some feedback on your last one? Contact the Oh Snap Social Squad here!