Here’s Why You Should STOP! Using Facebook Profile To Promote Your Business!

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Facebook, Need to Know, Social Media

It’s no secret that Facebook has been cracking down since the days of data breaches and losing the public’s trust. However, that hasn’t affected the entrepreneurial and personal brand space who were and are doubling down.…until now.

Last month Facebook started combing through personal profiles with attached ad accounts and shutting them down. Why? Because many people thought they could dupe the ‘book and promote their business using their personal profile. And it worked… until Facebook went all “you are the weakest link…goodbye.”

Goodbye memories.

Goodbye photos.

Goodbye conversations.


Again, let’s make sure were all on the same page here. Tough love rant in 3…2… If you are using your personal Facebook profile to promote your business, you are in direct violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service and for the record, always have been. STOP! You are not above the law and no it doesn’t matter how many friends you have.

Note: Just because you see other people doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right and doesn’t mean you should follow suit because it’s “working for them.” Just don’t build your business on the fine line of Facebook terms, please? And thank you. Because Facebook will and can take your business away from you along with your personal photos and memories you’ve built in a blinkofanyeye.

What are the violations?:

  1. Friending people you may or may not actually know.
  2. Running Facebooks Live videos or long form content with direct links to your products or services and/or with the intent of selling/dropping “how to get in contact with me” information
  3. Rinse and repeat over a consistent, long period of time showing intent that you’re using your personal profile to generate business on a consistent basis

What’s in the safe zone?:

So far, the act of sharing content from your Facebook business page to your personal profiles has been OK. If you want to create content like live videos, share blog posts that directly promote your business and its services it’s best to keep business to the business page. Got it? Good. Now go get ‘em!