How to Prepare Your Social Accounts for the New Year

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Branding, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Need to Know, Social Media, Video

Ruh-roh. It’s December 2021, which means that somehow, somewhere, a whole year has passed, and that 2022 is BASICALLY HERE. 
Okay, so you’ve failed your New Year’s resolutions for 2021. We all have. (*eyes chocolate cake*) Let’s make 2022 our fresh start. And what better way to ease into 2022 than by getting your socials up to speed?  

Here’s where to start.

1. Start by measuring what matters!

Pop quiz! Who’s your audience? Where are they from? What do they want? On what channels are they most active? What gets them engaging the most? The answer to these will help you see where you should be focusing your attention and what gaps you need to fill. If you have no idea where to start, my Pulse Check service is here to help you figure out your most impactful approach – and help you map out a solid strategy for the year ahead. 

2. Update your profiles (and pics)

Got a new biz address? Refreshed your brand? Check your profile info and make sure that your intros are up to date and on brand, and that any links and contact details are functioning properly. And if your profile pic is from those happy-go-lucky pre-pandemic days, weeeeell, now’s a good time to take some selfies. 

3. Create a content plan

I’m not saying you need to create a whole year’s social content in the next four weeks – don’t stress. (But if burning the candle at both ends is your pandemic coping mechanism, then go for it.) Combine major events, themes and “theme days” with the info you’ve unearthed from your metrics analysis to create an outline of what kind of stuff you’ll be posting and when.

4. Get real about your sales funnel.

Sure, we’re all in it for the likes. But likes don’t get you paid. Your content calendar should tie into a content strategy – and the goal of that strategy should be conversions. Make sure you’ve got a newsletter, free trials, must-have ebooks and lead-gen pages up and running, so that you can direct fans to these instead of just your next post.

5. Cut the inefficiencies.

Are you signed up to a bunch of paid tools that you hardly use? Are you doing all of your social stuff manually and on the fly? Keep only the subscriptions you need, and commit to learning to batch, schedule and repurpose your posts. Doing more with less is the way to go.

6. Do less of what you loathe.

Do you hate Reels with a fiery passion? Would you rather pull out your own teeth than dance on TikTok? Then don’t. The key to social media is consistency, and you’re way more likely to be able to show up consistently if you stick to the things you enjoy doing. Keep it fun, keep it real (or Reel), and let the good times roll in 2022.
Need a pulse check on how your socials are going and what kind of changes you could implement? I’ve got a special event just for that! Sign up today, and we’ll get you converting like a boss in 2022.