Introducing The Fan Firestarter Live Show on LinkedIn + Facebook

by | Sep 23, 2021 | Branding, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Need to Know, Social Media, Video

I’m so excited to announce that I officially have LinkedIn Live approval, which means I’ll be going live regularly every Monday on LinkedIn (and Facebook). I’ve been resistant to Live video for far too long – yes, social media managers and agency owners can still not like certain aspects of social media – but it’s time to break out of the comfort zone and step into the live format and share my passion for what I do and who I help with tips, trends and snappy of ideas for you to take your social media from posts to freakin’ profit. Who’s with me!?

Big shout out to Marisa Cali for helping me connect the digital dots and get over my fear of tech breaking during live shows and for introducing me to a simple and easy-to-use tool, StreamYard. StreamYard allows you to go live in multiple places ALL AT ONCE. Oh hey, time saver.

What’s The Live Show About?

If you’ve been here a minute, you know I don’t like to be fancy and I’m all about keeping it simple. Why? Because simple is sustainable. The more you overthink and complicate social media, the less likely you are to do it well and do it consistently. Mmhmm.

So, when I was coming up with the format of this show I needed to keep it high-energy, jam-packed with value and something that is helpful! My goal for the show: If viewers get at least one nugget of knowledge from our show then we’ve done a quality show!

What’s The Show Title And What Format Can I Expect?

The show will be called the Fan Firestarter Live Show which is a nod to our signature framework that we help our clients walk through when they directly work with us. The format of the show is one I am repurposing straight from my SNAPshot newsletter. (Which by the way if you’re not subscribed to that…you probably should be ;-)) Plus, you know I love a good acronym.

S- Social Media Tip

We’ll start out the gate on fire with a tip you can implement same day!

N- Social Media News

We know social media changes as much as we change our skivvies so I read the latest news and share the top headlines with you from the week so you know what’s going on and how it affects you and your business.

A- Announcements

This is where we give you a quick update of what’s going on in Oh Snap! land so you can better understand what awesome learning opportunities and chances to work with the squad and more.

P- Popular Posts

This is where we’ll share information about the latest blog post that went live on our site, trending/viral vids that entertained us, or post ideas for you to integrate into your content for the week!

I also do plan on bringing on guests including my talented team and experts from around the social media sphere to share their insights and experiences with you all as well.

Our first show is October 4, 2021 and we would love for you come and watch! Do you have other ideas you want to see covered in the show, I’d love to hear them! Slide into my messages over on LinkedIn and share your ideas with me!