If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m all about using social media to drive leads. You don’t want to spend all that time building your social media presence just for those likes and views to exist in an Instagram vacuum. You want to drive people off that Zuck-owned platform and onto a site that YOU own and control.

Awareness and discovery happen on social media, but CONVERSIONS happen when a fan clicks an outbound link and visits your landing page or newsletter sign-up form. 

Here are some super-easy tricks to drive more traffic from your social media accounts to your website.

Instagram link sticker. Create your story or Reel, tap the “sticker” button, then the “link” option, then type in your desired link. Easy! You can also update the actual link text to make it a call-to-action instead of just a web address. 

Calls to action! Yes, some social media websites make it hard to drive traffic off their site or out of their app. But you can get people to take action by ending each post or video with a call to slide into your DMs (where you can respond with outbound links) or a reminder to head to your website or sign up for your newsletter. 

Update your profile! Make sure your profile is filled out with key info and that you’re sending people to a landing page that drives sign-ups or conversions (not just a generic homepage). If you have a few different links you want to send people to, put them on your website’s landing page rather than using LinkTree or a similar links app. This way your traffic remains yours!

Optimize your posts. Add those hashtags and locations, tag those collaborators, include accessibility features such as image alts and video captions, and be regular and consistent in your posting – and your post formats! You’ll get crossover traffic and will show up more in search, driving more traffic and engagement.

Chase extra eyeballs! More views mean more engagement. Don’t be afraid to re-up content by posting it to other platforms, quote-tweeting yourself with added content, or sharing an IG post or Reel to your stories. You’ll get it in front of more people – and inspire more taps and clicks.

Have a great content marketing strategy. It’s easier to link people off to your website if there’s a reason for them to go there. Your social media presence is just one piece of the puzzle. Make sure you’re complementing it with a solid content marketing strategy that includes blog posts, free downloads, and more!

Track and tweak metrics. Don’t just set and forget it. Use Google Analytics to monitor where your traffic is coming from – and what people do once they land on your site. Set goals, and course correct if you’re not where you want to be.

Get into the habit of doing these things on social, and you’ll be funneling traffic to where it matters – your own website!Need some help creating a social media strategy that will pull people away from the lure of IG or TikTok and onto your site? Sign up for Content in a Snap – and get exactly what you need to win the social media game.