It’s easier to keep up with the Kardashians than social media these days, you feel me? Fortunately, there are a ton of great resources that curate, collate and summarize all the latest news, tips, and trends in our social media wonderland. Here are a few of our faves that you’ll want handy in your browser’s bookmarks bar.

Social Media Today

We read this one over coffee every morning. For the latest news items and in-depth dives into all things social, Social Media Today is the place to be. From trends, resources and whitepapers through to company announcements and events, there’s a wealth of info here to help you learn, strategize and network.

Social Media Examiner

Got a question or want to delve into the nitty-gritty of social media? Social Media Examiner is a massive resource featuring original research, how-tos, and insights from brand-name pros. With online blogs, video tutorials, and podcasts, there’s a format for every social media geek – plus enough content to keep you busy for life if ever you get washed up on a desert island equipped with wifi. SO MUCH GOODNESS HERE from industry experts! I was even an author over there once!


Mashable’s reporting covers tech, culture, and entertainment. Want quality reporting with a ton of original analysis and smart insights? This is where you’ll find it. If you want to go beyond what’s happening and figure out the whys, hows, and impact of it all, Mashable’s your friend.


The Verge is Mashable’s nerdy cousin. With long-form feature stories, original reporting, breaking news, and product info, it offers a window into our tech-focused lives – and our futures. From new technology to digital trends, it’s an invaluable resource for digital marketers.

Jenn Herman (of Jenn’s Trends) newsletters

Okay, you get a ton of stuff in your inbox already. But you’ll want to whitelist Jenn’s newsletter, where she clues you in on the latest social media trends (specifically all things Instagram), applications, and benefits – not to mention their impact. An industry-renowned Instagram guru, Jenn offers amazingly on-point, actionable tips and tricks (and yes, we use ‘em all). She’s also a friend and an incredible human.

Instagram’s founder, @Mosseri

Formerly a Facebook executive, Adam Mosseri now heads up Instagram, and he’s great about using his own Instagram account for sharing updates and news – as well as explaining how and why change is coming to the platform. If you want to stay on top of all things Insta, you could do worse than listening to its CEO. We’ve got our notifications turned on inside Instagram for his account so we don’t miss a thing! (Seriously, we talk about him all the time.)

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a one-stop shop for social media management. The company also offers a killer blog bursting with actionable, long-form “how-to” content that you can leverage in your content creation and strategy. Need to know how to network on LinkedIn or craft a powerful landing page? They’ve got your back. Sprout Social is also the scheduling tool we’re using for our client work right now on the done-for-you side of our agency business.


Talk about epic content. The SproutSocial blog offers a wealth of original research and in-depth (and we mean in-depth) case studies that together are an absolute powerhouse of knowledge for any budding social media pro. If you’ve got a question about how or why to do something, or whether the ROI is worth the effort, these guys have done the legwork for you.

Oh Snap! Social Blog

Last, but certainly not least, our own blog. The one you’re reading right now! Every single week on Fridays we publish a brand new piece of content right here on our blog to keep you in the know as well as share data and our experience working in the social media trenches every single day. We also share heaps of social media tips in our weekly newsletter SNAPshot. Be sure to subscribe here if you aren’t already! 

Okay, okay, so that’s a lot, I know. But if you’ve got too much on your plate and can’t keep up with it all…just ask me! I live and breathe this stuff, and I’m happy to keep you in the loop. Slide into my DMs here.