One-size-fits-all works for ponchos, but I gotta say, it’s not what you want when it comes to your social media strategy. Over the years I’ve worked with brands of all sizes and types across just about every market category. And I’ve found that what brands want and need from our brilliant team of social media strategists and content creators varies massively with brand maturity, growth, and vibe. Here’s a quick breakdown of how organizational size shapes your social media needs. 

Giant megacorps

If you’re a huge, established brand, you’ll probably go one of two ways. Maybe you already have your own in-house social media team, but you want a consultant’s eye to help you identify areas for growth and efficiency – and to help you get a better handle on those all-important metrics and analytics. This might end up looking like a long-term arrangement, or you might just want a pro to train up your staff on current best practices.

Alternatively, you might want to outsource your social media strategy and content creation entirely. In this case, a social media strategy firm would work with you to define goals, audience, and market opportunities, then create content to push out to your channels in alignment with your overall brand direction and specific campaigns. You know what you want – and the strategist and content creation team make it happen.

Smaller businesses and franchisees 

This is where things get very “you do you”. Smaller orgs and franchisees can vary a ton in their social media strategy needs. How hands on you want to be depends on the kind of business you run, how quickly it’s growing, and your overall comfort with social media. In general, I’d say that once you hit this size, you’re at a great point for moving away from DIY social media in favor of working with a firm who can help you really dial in that strategy and content creation. You’re in the “growth” phase of business, so you’re all about business operations and conversions (okay, and maybe the occasional behind-the-scenes Reel, because who doesn’t love those?)

Franchisees can also get a ton of value from working with a social media company. While you might be affiliated with a huge national brand with epic name recognition, the social media strategy and assets head office provides tends to be too general for your needs. If you’re a HVAC firm in Virginia, you want content that reflects the climate, regulations and home design we see here – and not in the Arizona desert. A social media strategist can help design your strategy and create on-brand content that aligns with your head office’s brand guidelines while also being relevant to your specific location. Love it!

Solopreneurs or face-of-the-brand orgs

If your brand is you, you’re going to want to be intimately involved in the actual creation of your social media content. The best social media content creator in the world isn’t going to be able to recreate your exact voice, nuance and perspective you want for your brand, because – spoiler – they’re not you!

For solopreneurs, creatives or content creators, the best approach is to work with a social media strategist to create a roadmap to define what success looks like, where to focus your efforts, and how to convert fans into customers. You’ll build the strategy together – but you’ll be the one who keeps control over what your content looks and sounds like. 

Need strategy, content or something in between? I’m listening!

Whether you’re a mature brand, a scrappy start-up or a solopreneur looking to maximize your brand exposure, Oh Snap! is here to help. We know your needs vary with brand and business maturity, category, and overall outlook, and we’ve got your back! From performing social media audits to creating those key brand assets for you, we’re all about helping you make the most of social media without you having to pour all of your time and resources into it. 

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