Whew, that social media timeline is getting busy, huh? With more and more content filling up our social feeds, we need to get strategic about what we’re putting out there and what we’re trying to achieve. If your goal is to drive awareness and sales by positioning yourself as a thought leader, it’s time to start thinking beyond your Instagram grid

One of the best ways to get yourself out there is through media placements. Okay, the term “media placement” might sound a bit scary and fancy, but you don’t have to be a Kardashian to land one. You don’t need a book coming out. You don’t need 10,000 followers. You don’t even need an expensive PR firm!

Start pitching small, and those placements will come. Over the years, I’ve sent out targeted pitches that have resulted in a Business Insider feature, a TV interview segment, and even a podcast episode that landed me a new client!

Here are the three things to do to get simple placements in your industry and beyond…. 

1. Sign up for HARO 

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a platform that connects “sources” (you!) with journalists looking for people to interview or feature in an article. Signing up is free. Just fill in your deets, select the newsletters you want to receive, then check each morning and evening email they send for relevant calls and leads. The trick with HARO is being quick to respond to calls, responding only to the ones that are relevant – don’t spam or you’ll get blacklisted! – and responding in a way that makes life easy for a journalist. Journalism deadlines are TIGHT, so skip the fluff and answer the question they’re asking. There’s a bunch of stuff on HARO that won’t be relevant to you, but there are some gems. HARO is how this gal got featured on Business Insider! Protip: when responding, let journalists know you’re happy to be a resource for other articles they’re working on. 

2. Toot your horn on LinkedIn

Okay, so LinkedIn isn’t as cool as some of the other social media platforms. But LinkedIn has a TON of pros (as in pluses, AND professionals) Plus with the possible exception of TikTok it’s #1 for organic reach. Don’t just use it as a resume – make it your professional platform! Switch to Creator mode and share your thoughts, opinions and achievements, and keep putting your work in front of those prospective clients. Sure, Instagram is fun, but to date LinkedIn has generated 3X the revenue for me. Get out there and brag – and land those leads!

3. Pitch blogs and podcasts.

You’ve got a list of blogs and podcasts you obsess over and whose every word you hang on. Don’t just be in the audience! Put your hand up to be a part of what they do. Find the ones that accept guest authors, interviews, or guests, and pitch them with why you’re a great fit. Make sure you’re not just sending out pitch letters to everyone – think about why you’re a good fit, what you can add to the experience, and the value you can provide to their audience. Got an intern? This is the perfect task to assign them. Let them be your “booking manager” and send out those feelers. They’ll make some connections, and you’ll land some gigs!

If you want to be a thought leader, you’ve got to put those thoughts out there! Get creative about spreading the word, and embrace the shamelessness! (PS, want to see how I do it? Follow me on LinkedIn!)