You’ve heard me banging on about connecting the digital dots before. By this point you probably think I’m some kind of connect-the-dots fiend (okay, so it’s true.) But trust me when I say it matters. Social media isn’t just an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza in the name of hearts and likes. It’s a strategy designed to get eyeballs on your brand – and drive those paying leads. 

Analyzing – and learning from – your social media presence to make sure it’s meeting your SMART goals is a key component of we bring to the table. And we don’t just mean monitoring the views on your latest Reel. We mean figuring out how well your content is driving leads to the places that matter, like your contact form or your newsletter. Because having a ton of fans on Instagram is one thing. But having a ton of LEADS in your very own database is what turns you from an influencer into a legit business.

A successful social media campaign makes a big splash, drives people to your DMs, then sends them from there to your website forms, service inquiries and freebie downloads. But the good stuff doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve “captured” people’s details in your database, you can keep marketing to them through your newsletter, announcements, and more. 

Okay, but how do you know if a campaign is successful? Google Analytics, my friend. (Yes, the next gen of our beloved analytics platform is on the horizon, but for now, Google Analytics remains our pal.) 

Here’s a high-level glance at what we track to figure out how well a campaign is performing:

Acquisition > Social Media > Overview 

Here’s where to see which social media platform is driving the most traffic to your site. This info helps determine where your time and budget should be allocated to maximize results and achieve your brand goals. If all of your traffic is coming from Instagram, then it makes sense to double down on your presence. If you’re only lightly active on Facebook, but your posts are driving proportionately more traffic, then it’s worth spending more time with FB.  

Acquisition > Social Media > Landing Pages 

If you’re sharing blogs, freebies or other pages on social, this is where to find out how well they’re driving traffic back to your site. The info on this page is critical for figuring what kind of content resonates with people, and where we can focus your content creation efforts in future. We can also look at how well your actual landing pages are performing, and what kind of tweaks you can make to boost conversions! 

(PS, all of this assumes that you have Google Analytics already linked up to your website. If you don’t, that’s your homework for today!)

Of course, there’s a ton more data you can glean from Google Analytics. and we’re pros at gathering and synthesizing it all to create a killer strategy that drives traffic, leads, and sales. On top of that, we can even help you create the inspiring content that inspires those clicks – a solid 6 months of it in just 4 hours. Ready to make it happen? Let’s talk!