Stepping Out of the Shadows and Into Business Ownership

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Entrepreneurship

For those of you who are new to my journey, I quit my full-time job in June 2018 to go all in on my dreams. I was tired of building someone else’s dreams and knew that I could no longer maintain the schedule of working full time and building a side hustle — my brain and my body were tired, so I had to choose. A decision I mulled over for over a year. Thanks to the unwavering support of my family, friends and fellow entrepreneurs, I made the plunge — going all in on myself and growing my social media management and consulting business full time. 

So for the past six months, I’ve been building my business on the sidelines, because honestly, that’s the only way I’ve known how to do it — #sidehustlelife. And as we are just days away from 2019 I’ve been doing some thinking about how I want to show up for myself, my business and my relationships. I landed on a word: VISIBILITY.

Visibility /ˌvizəˈbilədē/ noun — the state of being able to see or be seen.

This word, that definition is both inward facing and outward facing.

INWARD: I want to be present and take the time to reflect on everything I work on and accomplish this year. I want it to be a journey that is intentional, one that I actually take the time to digest how I’m showing up for clients, friends, family, and my soon-to-be hubby. My plan for that is to adopt a morning routine that includes calming the mind. 

OUTWARD: I want to be able to share my story more with the world and space I want to play in as I lean into my dental social media business more. This means physically showing up to more networking events, landing a speaking gig, showing up online more in video form to build that “know like and trust” factor all us marketers talk about right? 

IN BETWEEN: In order for the inward and outward to align, I realize I need to be present (again being visible) in my calendar. Blocking out the time to spend on wedding planning, going to the gym, and vegging out on the couch with friends and family. And trying my darnedest to not blur the lines between personal time and work time. Truth talk: I love what I do and could do it all day every day. So being hyper-organized and time chunking and batching work to-dos are going to be essential for a successful 2019 around this corner of the internet. 

So now moving on to some MAJOR goals — I’m declaring it here because if you don’t write it down it doesn’t become tangible enough to make happen, right? 

  • Land my first speaking gig in front of a dental audience (I’m been pitching like crazy in this aspect)
  • Adopt a morning routine that allows for self-care, reflect and being present rather than reactionary. Think: Reading for 30 minutes, meditating/stretching, shower, breakfast all before opening my laptop at 9 a.m.)
  • Hit my monetary benchmark by launching things when I say I’m going to launch them with no fear or anticipation of a certain outcome. I just want to be proud of myself for being visible and putting myself out there.

What’s your word for 2019? Would love to hear your goals!