The Four C’s To Overcoming Imposter Syndrome On Social Media Video

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Video

When it comes to social media, showing up consistently via video is non-negotiable. But let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, being unabashedly YOU on screen is, in fact, the secret sauce. This means stepping into the spotlight with video content regularly because, at the end of the day, people vibe with people, not logos.

Navigating our journey as business mavens, authors, podcasters, or speakers, we’ve all hit that sneaky little speed bump called imposter syndrome.

How do I spell out imposter syndrome? It’s the nagging self-doubt about our smarts, skills, or achievements that even the most successful folks wrestle with. It’s that voice that whispers, “Are you really good enough?” every time you dare to compare your beginnings to someone else’s highlight reel. Remember, you’re not seeing their years of hustle, the mountains they’ve climbed, and the grit behind their glory. Comparing your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10? Let’s not go there. Cool? Awesome!

Acknowledging the presence of imposter syndrome is step numero uno.  If it’s crashing your party today, know this—I’m right there with you, holding the door open to kick it out on its over-thinking ass. I mean…tough love is my specialty.

Here’s the playbook I’ve shared with my clients when those social media blues hit:

Consistency is Key: Practice makes perfect. This is true for storytelling and creating engaging video content. 

Start simple: use your phone to record videos on topics your audience cares about. Don’t aim for perfection on the first try; focus on conveying your message to help you audience with the problem they are trying to solve. 

Another way to stop the imposter syndrome in its tracks is to utilize tools like Instagram’s practice mode for Live video or Facebook’s audience setting “Only me” to gain confidence without the pressure of going public immediately. It’s a great way to become comfortable with pressing that trusty “Publish Now” button that has an added layer of uncertainty for many of us in the beginning.

Create First, Consume Second: For personal brands and business spokespeople, producing content before consuming others’ work can shield you from imposter syndrome. It ensures your message remains untainted by comparison.

This is my go-to when consulting with my clients who are struggling with that comparison of others within their community. If you make it a non-negotiable to open an app with an intention to post your content first and consume and engage with your community after you mindset and your content will be better for it!

Condition Your Feeds: Is it time to do some social media spring cleaning? If you log in to your networks and feel a bit of doom and gloom as you scroll, that’s a tall-tale sign that its time to get that thumb ready to swipe away that negativity. Curate your social media feeds to foster positivity and reduce the temptation to compare, this also means unfollowing or muting accounts that trigger self-doubt or a feeling like you’re not enough. Because I promise friend, you are enough!

Stay Focused on Your Why: Regularly remind yourself why you started. For far too long I let my why get fuzzy and out of focus. It wasn’t until April 2023, that I truly got back in alignment and decided why I put this business together in the first place. Hint: it wasn’t to have 100,000 followers or make $1Million dollars. If you’ve discov ered you’ve been uninspired to create content, perhaps you’re out of alignment with your why, or need to revisit your why! A clear and present understanding of your inspirations and motivations can diminish the power of imposter syndrome over time.

I’ll Leave You With This

In navigating the complex world of social media, remember that authenticity and resilience are your greatest assets. YOU are your greatest asset. Embrace your unique journey, celebrate your progress, and understand that every expert was once a beginner.

The road to overcoming imposter syndrome and thriving in the digital arena is paved with persistence, learning, and genuine self-expression. Let’s not allow the fear of being imperfect stop us from sharing our stories and connecting with those who value our insights. Today, challenge yourself to take one small step towards being more visible. Remember, your voice is needed, your experiences are valuable, and it’s time to step into the light with confidence. Let’s push the “publish now” button together and transform our imposter syndrome into a powerful force for authenticity and connection.

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