I’m a big proponent about finding the one or two social media platforms that work for you and focusing your efforts there. But social media is a fast-moving environment, and doubling down your efforts on the same platforms year in, year out, can mean you’re missing an opportunity to build your audience on the next big thing.

I’m not advocating jumping on every hot new platform that gets announced on AngelList. But there are some game-changing platforms out there that have been making waves for a while now – and if you’ve been ignoring them because you’re focused on your old faves, welp. 🤷

The big one, of course, is TikTok. I know, I know, you’re still a bit scared of doing the whole video thing. Maybe you don’t feel Gen Z enough to shake your thang in front of the world. 

But TikTok is engagement central, and if you’re not on there, you’re throwing away leads and conversions. Trust me, I know all about it. I was just dipping my toes into the TikTok waters when covid and those privacy issues hit, and I ran away. But I’m kicking myself – my business could look a lot different today if I’d stuck with it.

Some TikTok facts:

-People LOVE TikTok. Some 80 million TikTok addicts spend a WHOLE DAY out of every month on the platform. 

-TikTok actually moves product. Go check out the “BookTok” table in any bookshop, and you’ll see a ton of surprise bestsellers, all courtesy of TikTok.

-TikTok drives way more engagement than IG. Engagement rates for micro-influencers are almost 18% – compared with a tiny 4% for IG.

-There’s less competition! Marketers are still all about IG, meaning there’s more noise to cut through there. Throw in the recent changes to the IG algorithm, and TikTok is definitely the better play. 

Okay, okay, I’m sold. I’m brushing up on my dance moves ready for my TikTok reprisal. (Seriously, though, I’m doing my research and will report back with my findings asap!)

But in the meantime, here’s how to get started with TikTok:  

-Sit and scroll a bit. Browse around, follow fun accounts, see what other people are doing, get familiar with relevant hashtags, and get a feel for how the platform works before you start creating your own stuff.

-Think about how you can repurpose your video content from IG or FB for use on TikTok. 

-Try stuff! TikTok is a platform that rewards novelty and spontaneity. It’s a great place to get a bit weird and try something new. Create a hashtag. Try a challenge. Go for it!

-Don’t put all of your eggs in the one basket! TikTok should be part of your wider social media and customer acquisition strategy. 

TikTok isn’t right for every business. But if you’ve got a product or service with a solid visual component, and you love showing up for the camera, it’s a great place to stake your claim – and get more eyeballs on your brand than ever before.

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