You know that a solid social media presence is key to your overall marketing strategy. You’ve mastered the pro pics, the snappy tweets and even some solid LinkedIn thought leadership pieces. But when it comes to video, you’re holding back. Friends, it’s time for some tough love. I say this with nothing but care and compassion and consideration for your followers: get outta your own way.

Look, video feels super high stakes. It’s just you mugging it up for the camera while strangers hang on your every word…right, right? But honestly, that’s not it at all. Maybe it’s the TikTok effect, but on the whole social media is generally pretty forgiving of video content.

Seriously: people want raw, real snippets from your life as a human and your life as a business owner – not picture-perfect selfies filtered to the max. Don’t believe me? Think about Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper on HGTV. During the pandemic she did a special for the Food Network with a camera crew consisting entirely of her son with his iPhone. It was a hot mess (in the best way), and everyone loved it! Why? Because it felt like you were hanging out with a friend and sharing space with them.  

As someone who’s done hundreds of Reels, TikToks, Lives and so on, take it from me: most of the things you’re worried about when it comes to video are NBD. Don’t stress because you’re wearing your comfy jeans instead of a power suit. Don’t think that you can’t record because your office or your store is a mess. Don’t freak out because you don’t have a Hollywood-quality camera or because your delivery isn’t Oscar-worthy. All of these things aren’t marks against you. They’re wins in your favor! They make you relatable and real, and people are more willing to get on board with what you’re all about. Just because your competitor struts around in spike heels and has a full team of pros filming them working out of an all-white corner office while sipping bulletproof coffee doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do! 

I’m serious here. Do the thing that feels right for you, and people will start tuning in. They’ll see that you’re comfortable and authentic – and not just jumping on those trending sounds and dance moves because you feel like you have to. (I have a client whose views actually increased a ton when she decided to stick with the talking heads type videos she was comfortable with instead of chasing the trends. People totally know when you’re faking it!)

If you’re completely cameraphobic and video is a hard no, think of some other ways you can show up in video format. Do a walk-through of your store or area from behind the camera. Make your pooch or brand mascot the star. Focus on your products, or highlight video testimonials from customers or clients. Then, bit by bit, get your face in front of the camera instead of behind it, friend! You can do it!

Ready to put your Reel self forward? Focus less on making a fancy, perfect vid the way all the 1m+ influencers are doing and more on:

-Good lighting (click here for my top tips!)

-A photogenic camera setup (a stack of books or tripod will work)

-Finding a quiet space (NOT your local coffee shop)

-Nailing your key talking points (write ‘em out, keep it loose)

-Editing with easy tools like InShop app

-Leaning into what you’re comfortable with

The more you do it, the better you’ll get, so keep at it!

Need some help figuring out how to show up on camera in a way that feels authentic to you? Let me help you with that!