When Twitter Was More Entertaining Than The Big Game

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Twitter

Twitter – a great place to catch up on timely news or engage with… Mr. Peanut during the biggest football game of the year.

After the first quarter of the game, I hopped on Twitter to see what people were saying about the commercials — because let’s face it, the game was a snooze fest especially if you have no allegiance to either team. And that’s when I saw it – Mr. Peanut was going all in on Twitter. And so was I…

The brand was running #crunchtime giveaways every few minutes throughout the entirety of the game. The agency behind it: VaynerMedia – I should have known right?

The peanut brand gave away 50 prizes ranging from peanut pajama sets to a legit solid gold peanut worth $10k. Someone else got a romantic getaway, another craft beer lover won a trip to Oktober fest. There was also cash, lots of cash. The prize I was super salty about – a canary yellow diamond ring.

This is part of the buyers’ journey that I always talk about – the delight phase. What can you give to your customers or audience to give them that loyalty, that zest to share your brand with others, and continue to be a fan for life? I was glued to my Twitter for the majority of the game… plus coming up with nut puns was right up my alley.

It was also fun because a local Virginia historical society chimed in adding some history to the conversation. Well played! This is how you appropriately insert your brand into conversation on Twitter.

The brand held heaps of attention throughout the game increasing in visibility as the giveaway game expanded. I hope there’s some type of case study about this – I’d love to read it.

To hold audience’s attention their content mix was these four concepts:

1.    Animated custom gifs: Mr. Peanut doing his touch down dance, having real-time reactions to commercials that just played, shouting out the favorite football wife, Giselle. And of course demonstrating what we were all thinking…

2.    Real-Time Giveaway Rounds: Though I feel the majority of people didn’t even read the tweets they were well written and often went with the prize that was given for that round. Sometimes these tweets would come in a flurry and other times they’d be a slow trickle – so you had to have your notification alerts on for this Twitter account all evening. So smart!

Can you name the brand of the prize being given away below?

3.    Giveaway Winners: From a social media manager standpoint, the teamwork that had to happen behind the scenes to pull this off is incredible. The winners were pulled from the first 100 tweets (mind you each round garnered thousands of tweets!!!) for each “round” then a custom gif was created with the winner’s Twitter handle and pushed out on the main Mr. Peanut feed AND Mr. Peanut tweeted directly at the winner ensuring they would see they won!

4.    Brand Collaborations: What started me paying attention to Mr. Peanut was this epic response and quick turnaround from the Audi commercial where a guy choked on a cashew. Mr. Peanut started a Go Fund Me page for the guy who choked on the cashew in the commercial…seriously.

There were a lot of moving pieces but the execution of this live Twitter campaign was well done!

Oh! Mr. Peanut also had a commercial spot during the big game starring A.Rod – talk about tackling from all angles.

Well done Mr. Peanut. Hats off to you! As for me…better luck next time.

What was your favorite part of the game: Let me know in the comments!

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