Why an Amazing Brand Makes For a Shareable Social Presence

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Branding, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Strategy

Are you a sucker for good branding? Before starting Oh Snap! Social I worked on the social media side at creative branding agency. I learned a lot about what makes a quality brand and so when a friend of mine introduced me to Who Gives a Crap in one of our networking calls, I was hooked! This brand has an amazing, shareable presence like you wouldn’t believe!

Who Give a Crap is doing EVERYTHING RIGHT!

Let me explain.

They’ve got a killer mission people want to get behind.

Who Gives a Crap is solving a shit-ton of problems. (You could say they do indeed, give a crap.)

The big one is raising awareness around the lack of porcelain thrones in the world. Did you know that 2 billion people don’t have access to a toilet? That’s 40% of the world’s population. With an impact-driven approach similar to Toms, these guys donate 50% of profits from each roll towards building toilets.
Not only that, but their products are sustainable and environmentally conscious. (These guys are B Corp certified and it shows.) They use bamboo in their product to reduce deforestation – and even have a line of TP made from recycled books and office paper!

And I think we can all give them a big round of applause for helping solve the Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 with one-click, to-your-door online ordering.

So what’s the upshot of all this? Who Gives a Crap isn’t just any old company. It’s appealing and engaging at its core – the kind of brand that’s inherently shareable. (And let’s face it, who can pass up potty puns?)
They’re amazing at getting their brand out there.

Who Gives a Crap are the TP kings for a reason. This direct-to-consumer (DTC) company knows how to couple a great brand with buzzy marketing that wipes out the competition. (According to co-founder Simon Griffiths, even from the get-go, almost all of the brand’s traffic was driven by social media.)

Let’s take a quick peek under the lid of their marketing strategy.

• A made-to-go-viral crowdfunding campaign.

These guys kicked things off with a crowdfunding campaign that involved a video of one of the founders sitting on a toilet and refusing to move until the requisite funds had been raised. Virality ensued – and 50 hours later they were funded!

• Must-open twice-monthly emails.

These are worth opening for the headlines alone! Who Gives a Crap stays in touch with customers by sending regular (but not too regular) newsletters updating us on their mission and how things are going. They’re friendly, genuine, irreverent, relevant, and short! Love it.

• Only offering what they can deliver.

During the Great TP Shortage of 2020, Who Gives a Crap didn’t go the waitlist route – that’d be off brand. Instead, they paused their ad campaigns and made sure their website and social messaging was timely and helpful regarding stock levels. No one wants to go to a DTC website to be told something is out of stock!

• TP with design cred.

Toilet paper isn’t usually something you put out on display. However, Who Gives a Crap changed that by wrapping its products in vibrant, patterned paper that you actually want to show off in your bathroom. (Seriously.) Even the boxes are keepsakes!

• Perks in every order.

At the bottom of every box lurks a couple of rolls packaged in fire-engine red paper – emergency rolls to be broken out in case of a TP shortage. These are amazingly memorable and perfect for sharing on social (or among friends).

• Ads that make you say holy sheet!

The brand’s witty text-based posters showed up all over the place, driving traffic to their website. These were full of toilet humor – but the elevated type that even your boss would crack a grin at.

• Super-human social.

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Who Gives a Crap also has a totally must-follow social presence. Their Instagram is bursting with toilet paper crafts, tips, fun-but-artsy product shots and even factoids about their native Australia. It’s bright, human, vibrant and always on brand.
Who Gives a Crap is a brand that’s mission-driven, visually differentiated, and has a clear niche and voice. All of that makes it so much easier to get the word out about a brand. Especially when you can get superfans on board to do the sharing for you, which Who Gives a Crap totally does. Now excuse me while I go make a TikTok of my Top Ten Who Gives a Crap TP wrappers…

(So, do you want to unlock the secrets of building a brand that’s built for sharing? Let’s talk!)

P.S. If anyone from the Who Gives a Crap company sees this and reads it, we would love to be part of your content team!