Why You Need to be Using LinkedIn Creator Mode Right Now

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Video

We clued you in on the launch of LinkedIn Creator Mode a little while back, and now that the feature has been rolled out to everyone (yay!), we’re back with some nitty-gritty tips on how to leverage it like a boss.

Quick refresher for those behind on their social media homework: LinkedIn Creator Mode is a new feature that jazzes up and rearranges your profile to highlight your thought leadership, posts and relevant hashtags, and makes it easier to follow people – even those you can’t usually connect with unless you have a paid account. (Bonus: it also makes it easier for those people to follow you!)

Basically, Creator Mode is for the movers, shakers and got-a-lot-to-sayers of the business world – rather than the peeps who prefer to use LinkedIn as a digital resume.

LinkedIn Creator Mode perks: The five-bullet rundown

When you turn on LinkedIn Creator Mode you’ll get to:

  • Embrace the hashtags. Highlight your fave topics of expertise and convo with handy-dandy hashtags positioned right up top where prospective contacts will see them right away. BONUS: hashtags also mean way better search visibility, so populate away, my friend! You can pick up to 5 hashtags – pick some broad, and some narrow.
  • Celebrate your featured content. It’s all about the featured content, baby! Creator Mode puts this carousel of content beneath your main header, showing off all the great stuff you’ve written, recorded and shared. Pro Tip: This is also a great place to highlight your latest offering, add your scheduling link and promote your latest media placement.
  • Show off your social side. The “Activity” section still hangs out just below the “Featured” section, but now there’s more of it. That’s a good thing. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love snooping on what others are doing and who they’re engaging with on this professional let-do-business platform?
  • Build followers, not just “connections.” Sure, we all love watching our LinkedIn Connections count grow, but there’s only so much you can get from hoarding all those connections. And we’ve all had that issue where we haven’t been able to connect with that third-degree contact…at least not without feeling…ick. With Creator Mode you can “follow” someone without being a creepazoid – and more easily build your own followers list as well!
  • Get LinkedIn insider tips. This is still in the works, but LinkedIn is promising to share tips and best practices for content creators, meaning you’ll get valuable insights into how to get the most out of the content you share.
If audience building and awareness is your jam (and seriously, it should be), LinkedIn Creator Mode is for you. To get started, head to your profile, and toggle the Creator Mode option under your dashboard. Boom, you’re in. And for those of you who want to use LinkedIn to prospect and making connections with ease and less creep…don’t we all, right? Download the LinkedIn 4-1-1