Woosah — Practicing Patience is Critical

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Need to Know

I’ve been working in the social media space for organizations, startups, and agencies over the last seven years and so much has changed, but one thing that hasn’t is the lack of patience to see social media through to success.

A lot goes into social media, it’s another arm of your marketing department. The social media manager or strategist (notice I didn’t say intern here) needs to first understand business goals and how they relate to ROI on social — this is numero uno.

Real talk: Those of you reading this who are social media managers and strategists, do not pass “go” and skip to strategy until clear objectives and KPIs are established in black and white and read all over by the team, no really.

After the business goals are identified, then of course, there’s the understanding of buyer/audience personas before developing your detailed yet concise social media strategy, creating an editorial calendar and finally fleshing out the clever content that speeeaksss to your audience. Then ultimately you measure, adjust, pivot on the strategy and the type of content that’s being shared based on how it’s performing — a vicious yet totally necessary cycle to go ‘round and ‘round. Wheeee!

Among all the physical work being executed, there’s something that gets completely overlooked by organizations, companies, clients – patience. There’s that word again.

Many companies large or small have the notion that being a success on social media can happen overnight — today’s instant gratification syndrome plays a significant role in this. But unless you’re the woman who purchased the coveted Chewbacca mask at Kohl’s and proceeded to break the Internet, then your chances are slim to slimmer. If you stay focused, consistent and continue to turn out great content that your audience wants and needs you will win. You will. Be committed to your social media strategy — in the words of Beyoncé “put a ring on it.” You’re only one piece of content away from success, so just keep cranking, measuring and pivoting when necessary – that’s the glory of social media, you can change it up in an instant. If you’re not willing to put in the work on social media and grow it long term, then there’s no point in starting, spend your valuable time (and money) somewhere else.

Just know: Social media is here to stay. It may not stay in the platforms that you are familiar with today, but something you and I can always count on is people being social online or through different forms of technology. I mean, shoot, our society is only a few years away from having self-driving cars and smart houses that talk (and probably watch us sleep, not creepy at all, right?).

If you’re betting against social media, you’re betting against the Internet. If you’re putting thousands of dollars in print ads, billboards, and direct mail and have nothing left over for social media and other digital marketing — say it with me — you’re betting against the Internet.

So, you can either start now and go all in and figure it out — I can help — or you get left behind. Period.