3 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Designing Your Lead Magnets

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Video

Huzzah! You’ve gotten your audience to click on through and waltz on over to your website. They’ve even given up their coveted email address in exchange for the AMAZING freebie you’ve crafted specifically with them in mind!

But…now what? Sure, all those downloads are giving you the warm fuzzies, but you can’t pay the mortgage with those.

Basically, what’s going on is that right now, your audience is at the “hmm, tell me more” stage of something we marketers like to call the Buyer’s Journey. Your job is to move them from this stage to the “TAKE MY MONEY” stage.

Good news: you’re almost there! The Buyer’s Journey is just three short phases. You’ve already whizzed past the first two: awareness and consideration. All that’s left is that final decision-making and getting them to say yes to the [fill in your service or product here].

If you’re not seeing those paid orders rolling in AFTER your amazing free download, I’m betting you’re doing one of these three, easy-to-fix things:

1. You’re not following up with an email sequence.

So people are downloading your amazing content and you’re just…doing nothing? Friend, that’s like expecting the other person to call after a date. I mean, sure, MAYBE. But don’t leave the ball in their court! If you’re keen, you’ve gotta keep that communication up!

Follow up with an email sequence that not only delivers your lead magnet, but that nurtures your audience to an actual sale. Because playing it cool just ain’t the way to get someone’s business!

2. You’re not adding a clickable CTA to the last page of your download.

Ruh-roh. If your lead magnet is a national day calendar relevant to your industry, downloadable checklist, cheat sheet or ebook, skim to the last page RIGHT NOW and check that you’ve added a CLICKABLE call-to-action. Thank me later.

That last page is where your audience is in the “wow, this is great stuff” frame of mind – and when they’re most likely to convert. Make it easy for them to do the thing on the spot. If they’re given the option to walk away and think about it, your conversion rates will tank. Because the second someone clicks over to a fluffy kitten video instead, *poof* goes your sale.

3. Your freebie is full of so much info they’re totally overwhelmed.

You’re a pro, and you’ve got a ton of industry knowledge to share. But you don’t need to cram all of it in your freebie. At this hey-nice-to-meetcha stage your audience doesn’t need to walk away with a Master’s degree in your niche. Take it from someone who is the Queen of delivering too much value! Don’t freak them out with a thousand-page thesis bursting with footnotes and jargon. Pick one handy-dandy thing that you think they’ll get value from, zoom in on it, and make that your freebie.

An example? Take your signature process or framework and explain each step in simple terms. Your CTA can be to book a call to learn all the details and how to work with you. It’s way more digestible for your audience, less work up front for you, AND a great way to get those curious cats on the phone.

Go forth and multiply those conversions

There you have it! Give these three mistakes a miss, and you’ll turn those lead magnets into lead MAGNIFICOS! Too easy, right?

Need help brainstorming some freebie options, say no more! Book a one-off strategy session and we can map out your entire lead magnet start to finish during our time together!