Staring at your phone figuring out what to post? Here’s how to overcome that creator’s block in just 15 minutes.

All you need is a pen, a piece of paper, and the timer on your phone. The goal is to brainstorm as many ideas as you can so that you can block them out on your calendar and deliver the goods. Ready to free up those content ideas in three simple steps? Let’s go!

1. Know your audience.

Before you get that brain juice flowing, take a second to identify your audience. Write this down at the top of your page, and refer back to it. This will help you generate ideas that will resonate with people and get that engagement.

Let’s assume you’re a realtor and that your audience is homeowners (both buyers and sellers). Who are they? How old are they? Where do they work? What do they want? Dialing in your audience will help you move to step 2, which is…

2. Develop the pain points.

Great content meets a need. Now that you know your audience, you know what they need help with. As a realtor, you’ll have buyers who are thinking about location, affordability, schools, and commute time. You’ll also have sellers wondering what repairs to invest in, how to maximize curb appeal, and when to put their house on the market.  

Aim for the Top 3 pain points, although if you have more, go for it! Once you’ve got those pain points listed out, you’re ready for the main event.

3. Different content buckets or themes.

Divide your page into three rows or columns and use the pain points you’ve identified to create key content buckets or themes. As a realtor, your buckets might be seasonal, curb appeal, and behind the scenes. Set your timer and spend five minutes brainstorming ideas that fit under each bucket – while also addressing those pain points above. 

Here’s what I came up with after spending five minutes on each bucket:

Seasonal: It’s May, so we’re thinking about spring, the upcoming school year, summer camps, vacation, entertaining, grilling, produce, farmer’s markets, and local events. Content built around these ideas can all help your buyers get a sense of what the local area looks like, and show that you’re a neighborhood expert. Think about how you can get out in the area and take photos of local greenery, spring/summer hot spots, decor, or tips for buying or selling during spring and summer. 

Curb appeal: Buyers are looking for gorgeous homes, and sellers want to know how to create that vibe. Think about simple ways to help both audiences get there. Tips and ideas include landscaping, welcome mats, siding and gutter pressure washing, types of hanging baskets, lawn care, driveway maintenance, and mailbox designs. You could even do a post on front door colors and have people vote on or send in photos of their favorites.

Behind the scenes: People love to see the person behind the account. Post yourself handing over keys or putting a “sold” sticker on a listing. Go Live with team meetings – pass around your phone, introduce your team, and share what you’re drinking. Film walks with your office pets, do walkthroughs of property listings, and remind people who you are and what you do. Don’t worry about repeating yourself. Your audience is always growing, and a refresher never hurts. 

Remember, the goal is to connect the digital doors of your business with its physical doors, so strive to bring your audience into what you do.  

Protip! Don’t overthink it!

Perfectionists, take note! Aiming for perfection means an empty page. We’re just brainstorming, so don’t focus all your energy on “getting it right”. Keep things fast and loose, line up sessions as often as you need to, loop in your team or a friend, grab a coffee, and set your timer. Stream of consciousness is the way to go! 

Happy brainstorming! For tips on brainstorming or content creation ideas, follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn, or give me a call!