From Thumbs Up to Checkout: How Well is Your Content Driving Traffic?

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Branding, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Marketing, Need to Know, Social Media, Social Media Strategy, TikTok, Twitter, Video

Oh yeah, you’re all about those likes and hearts and fire emojis. The people are loving it – you’re killing it in the social sphere! Right? Riiiiight?

Here’s the thing, friend. You can have the most viral content of all time and not see even the teensiest spike in sales or sign-ups. Because the WHOLE DEALIO with social media is that it’s not meant to be your end goal. Ahem, let that marinate for a moment. It’s more like a welcome mat. And your job is to entice fans over the threshold and into the shop of what you’re selling. 

I call this Connecting the Digital Dots. Because a powerful social presence isn’t about getting a ton of likes or re-watches. It’s about teasing your value, highlighting your expertise, and positioning you as a pro…SO THAT people springboard from your social and on to your website, where they’ll sign up for your newsletter or your amazing course, or shop your products. 

Because THAT’S the stuff that matters to your bottom line – and why we’re cool with offering up great content for free in the first place. Social media is an investment in customer acquisition, not just a place to be amazing on the internet (although, seriously, you are amazing). 

OK, so, how do I know I’m doing it right?

Not sure if you’re just peacocking on Instagram or if you’re building your business? Here’s how to figure out if you’re creating a sales funnel or just posting for the sake of posting:

  • Your content is on brand.

    There’s a strategy to your content, right? It offers an intro into what you do an offer, and teases some of the benefits and value you can deliver. (But not everything! Don’t give it all away on social, friend!)


  • You’re encouraging people to click through.

    Do all of your posts, Reels, videos and stories have a clickable link and/or a CTA to head to your website or sign up for your newsletter? Make sure you’re sending your traffic away from Big Tech-owned platforms and to your corner of the internet!


  • You’ve got lead capture options in place.

    People are clicking through – yay! But don’t let them get this far just to bounce. Make sure you’ve got a newsletter sign-up form, a “sign up for my course” above-the-fold banner, or a downloadable freebie that captures email addresses upon sign-up. Or even all of those! 


  • You’re tracking your stats!

    Google Analytics is an amazing tool for drilling down into your social referral traffic and seeing where people are coming from and how they interact with your website once they’ve arrived. Head to Google Analytics > Acquisition > Social Referral Traffic for super-smart insights. 


  • You’re adjusting based on new intel.

    Social media is an evolving beast. What worked once won’t always work. Keep adjusting your content approach, CTAs, lead-gens and website design to keep driving up those conversion numbers. 

Doing all that? GET IT GET IT! You’re driving traffic like a pro. On the other hand, you can always be converting better and more consistently. (Hey, I have high standards. Sue me.) If you need some help turning likes into MORE sales, follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram for actionable insights, or book a quick-and-easy strategy consultation today!