How to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page

by | Dec 10, 2023 | Branding, LinkedIn, Social Media Strategy

For anyone trying to build their company profile over on LinkedIn: solidarity. It’s tough times over on Company Pages right now. And look, I totally get the appeal of throwing in the towel on the company page and going all in on your personal brand. Especially when personal branding is the current hot thing, and the algorithms are lapping up your every post.

BUT. While company pages probably won’t ever do as well as your personal profile, they’re worth hanging on to. Here are a few reasons why:

  • People move on. You’ve spent all that time and effort creating a high-profile platform for a company CEO, but now they’ve left – and they’ve taken all those hard-earned eyeballs with them. A company page means you get to keep your audience. Heck yes!
  • Company pages shape perception. You want your brand to be bigger than one person. A company page positions you as a company instead of an individual. It’s also another opportunity to capture leads and traffic.
  • You can grow and pivot. If you’re a leader with a finger in a few different corporate pies, a company page can help you keep your different businesses (and audiences) separate vs having a huge range of stuff muddying up your personal page.
  • Company pages offer a buffer. If you’re the CEO mentioned in the first bullet point, having a company page means that you don’t always have to be the face of your organization and its decision-making. It creates a buffer between you and customers/clients, and believe me when I say there’ll be times you’ll be grateful for it!

Quick Tips for Growing your LinkedIn Company Page

If you’re just getting started with your business (and its social media), start by leveraging the personal profiles of your star employees who are also social media and marketing savvy. I know, I know, easier said than done. But for decades the same golden rule holds up: People do business with other people (not logos). No one knows what your company is about yet, so people will see less value in following a company page. Instead, spend time shoring up the presences for major players on your team, like your CEO, CMO, sales leaders.

LinkedIn is a good place to start to build up credibility, together with a “broadcast”-style platform like TikTok, Instagram or Threads. (The right choice for the second platform will depend on your industry and personal preferences.)

Once you’ve built strong LinkedIn presence within key players profiles, then it’s time to start sending traffic over to an associated company page.

We always recommend companies and corporations taking the time to develop an employee advocacy social media streategy. In this strategy, we recommend utilizing the company page as approved content, an asset library of sorts, where employees within the orgnaization can share and add their two cents freely without having to think of fresh content all on their own. The company is making it EASY to amplify the business and brand to their networks. Want to talk more about adopting a similar strategy for your company and its employees, reach out to me directly on LinkedIn!

One caveat: you can build company pages on any platform you like. But every new platform takes time and energy. Social media is forever a long term play within your marketing efforts.

Before expending that energy, strategize to figure out what you want from your social media presence – and what kind of actions you want users to take. If you’re B2B, focusing your efforts on both your LinkedIn personal and company pages is smart – after all, that’s where the B2B decision-makers hang out. If you’re B2C, personal pages on LinkedIn and company accounts on Instagram can be a good mix, as IG is where customers spend their time…and if all goes well, their money as well. Cha-ching.

Tell me: have you built company pages for your brand, or are you personal pages only (or vice-versa)? Wherever you stand, I’m here to help you strategize a way to build a killer presence on the platforms that your audience loves to lurk on. Let’s talk!

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