Keeping Social Media Fun (and Doable)

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Strategy

Uh oh. You’ve made the mistake of looking at those influencer-created “recommended posting schedules” for social media and now you’re having a major freak-out. Well, I’m here to tell you to stress less – and post less. Now, let’s take a look at just how to keep social media fun AND doable.

There’s a ton of chatter on the social media interwebs right now coming from a bunch of gurus whose entire livelihood relies on garnering as many likes, replies and shares as possible – which means that daily picture-perfect photo shoots and professionally edited Reels are a must. No wonder they’re screaming about keeping the algorithm gods happy by posting EVERY DAY OR ELSE.

EVERY DAY OR ELSE? Cue pit sweat. You have a business to run!

Good news: I’m about to let you off the hook on social. Go run that business, baby!

No, seriously. Look, more content typically translates into more reach. But I promise that for most business owning peeps there’s a point where you’ll start to see diminishing returns – and you’ll quickly realize that the energy you’re spending on creating more posts could be better spent on building up other parts of your business.

Allow me to introduce you to the social media approach I like to call STAY AFLOAT; KEEP IT FUN.

Basically, this involves doing social to the extent that it fits into your schedule – and business goals. Yes, social media is the bee’s knees, but unless you’re an Instagram model, it’s just part of your larger business outreach strategy. Mmmhmm!

Oh hey, I see you side-eyeing that prolific competitor and getting antsy. Take it from a pro: it’s way better to figure out the social media cadence and strategy that works for you than going all in and risking total burnout that sees you rage-deleting your accounts three weeks down the road.

Here’s a mantra for you: If slow and steady is all you can manage, embrace that inner tortoise. We’ll turtle waltz our way to the finish line together, ya got it?

Need some tips for finding your cadence and making social work for you? Try these:

Stick with a schedule you KNOW you can handle.

Once a day? Twice a week? You do you, boo boo.

Jot down brilliant ideas as they come to you.

When posting inspiration strikes, write that post ASAP, save and schedule it. My favorite place to jot these ideas? The notes app in my phone, because chances are I’ll always have my phone with me and post-its (though I love ‘em) tend to end up in the trash.

Don’t have anything to say? Then don’t.

If the well runs dry, it’s all good. It’s way better to post high-value, meaningful stuff than rushing to fill a quota. Read that again, please! Followers don’t notice when you don’t post. They do notice when you post great stuff.

Keep an eye on special days.

Oh, it’s National Donut Day and you run a coffee shop? Content for the day is a slam dunk. Too easy. If you’re a female entrepreneur, I’ve got your cheatsheet national day calendar right here.

Borrow from the best.

Read something great you think the world needs to know about? Quote it, share it and link it. Everyone wins. The same goes for your own content. You have my permission to repurpose like a boss.

Do more of what works.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every day. If certain content types are performing well, do more of those. No one will mind, promise.

Stick with the content types you enjoy.

HATE still photos with a passion but kind of love Reels? Lean in to that. If you gravitate towards a certain media type, use that to inform your social strategy and where you spend your energy.

Set realistic metrics.

  • Growth doesn’t have to be exponential – any and all growth is still solid stuff. Focus on consistency, positive connections and relationship-building. And of course, have fun!

Here at Oh Snap! we love social, but we get that it’s easy to be socialed out when you’re juggling a zillion other important business tasks. If you’ve set yourself up for the Mt. Everest ahead of you by setting way-too-lofty goals that are only going to lead to frustration and burnout, give yourself permission to take a step back and find a social schedule and strategy that works for you.

Remember, if you keep your social media fun and doable, then you’re more likely to keep at it!

Want to talk through your questions, challenges and strategy moving forward? Book an hour strategy call with me, Karlyn! Get on my calendar here!