Positive Semantics: Let’s Keep Threads Wholesome

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Connection, Meta, Oh Snap! News, Social Media, Social Media Engagement, Social Media Strategy, Threads

Threads, Zuck’s answer to Twitter, has been around a couple of weeks now, and the consensus is that we’re digging it. With over 150 million active downloads, Threads now has a fifth of the active userbase of Twitter. And while engagement has dropped off a bit, it still has plenty of room to fill the Twitter-sized gap in the social sphere. One big reason I think that’s the case is that users are doing something different with Threads: they’re being…wholesome.

We’ve talked about “rage baiting” and all the different methods that the bad faith actors of the internet use to get our clicks and our eyeballs. You’ve seen it: the headlines that make you despair, the confident statements of truth that are totally untrue, the faux fights, comebacks and clap backs. Sure, it drives engagement, but it’s also exhausting.

So when people had an opportunity to set the tone for a whole new social media app, they came in with good manners and a smile for everyone. Dunkin’ started with a cheerful hello and then regular upbeat posts about coffee and donuts. Publisher Simon Kids wants your cat pics…but also wants to build a kind community of booklovers. And given the engagement they and other similar happy making accounts are getting, users are all about it. 

The Zuck has also committed to keeping Threads a positive space, and given that the home feed is totally algorithm-driven, he and his team need to keep on top of that. (Activist groups are already pushing to provide stronger community protections – here’s hoping!) One big way we as a social community can help ensure that Threads stays a nice place to hang out is to make sure we pass the vibe check ourselves. 

My suggestions?

  • Keep it upbeat and positive – choose your topics and words wisely
  • Be casual and laid back – this isn’t the place for the hard sell 
  • Skip the hot takes and gotchas 
  • Uplift others by reposting and quote-posting with helpful info
  • See disinformation? Don’t engage. Report it or move on.
  • Think accessibly. Threads is still building accessibility features, so manually add them to your posts where you can.

It’s hard to start from scratch on a new site, but the good news is that with Threads, you can bring your IG followers over with you! This means you can step into the platform mid-conversation, which is a massive head start. Still, the following will definitely help: 

  • Staying on brand (but platform specific)
  • Asking questions and showing interest
  • Sharing pics and short vids (Threads “stitches together” multi-image posts – they look great!)
  • Defining and connecting with your audience
  • Sharing between your IG and Threads
  • Linking out to your newsletter and any great stuff you’re doing
  • Watching and replicating what others are doing (Dunkin’ is killing it, just saying)

Ready to head to Threads? Find me at @ohsnapsocialkarlyn – and loop me in on those coffee and cat pics!