I’m a sucker for an Always Sunny rerun. And so are the studio execs – that’s because it’s way cheaper to play a rerun than it is to air new material. The same applies to your social media. Don’t just use it once and put it away for good. You’ve put all that time and effort into creating something, so milk it, baby.

Feeling shy about repurposing, like it’s all “been there, done that”? Don’t be! Repurposing has a ton of benefits. It:

  • Helps you get extra eyes on content you love
  • Is new for new audience members!
  • Is great for organic reach
  • Saves you time (and money)
  • Might even get more eyeballs than the original post!

Plus, with every year that passes, the social media landscape changes. Repurposing is all about making what worked then work again now.

Here are some of my fave ways to repurpose that killer content you worked so hard to make.


Yep, it’s totally legit to quote yourself these days. If you have a punchy quote, turn it into a Canva graphic and post it. You can even try adding it to one of those quote sites (because why not?) Just make sure to credit yourself!

Slideshow posts.

I love slideshows. Thanks to the mysterious ways of the algo, slideshows give you an opportunity to get your content in front of your audience multiple times. Have a “5 tips” blog post? Turn each “tip” headline into a slide for IG or LinkedIn. Easy. 

Podcast/video transcriptions.

Spent ages making a podcast or recording a video? Make a transcription and post it up! Voila – free blog post (or even an ebook!). There are even services that automate the transcription side of things for you. Just be sure to proofread.

Cut up your vids.

Turn that lengthy video or media appearance into a series of highlight reels. A bite-sized TikTok. YouTube shorts. Instagram stories. Whatever works for you! Canva has some great options for this. 

Double down on stats.

People LOVE statistics and factoids. If you’ve uncovered a great stat – or better yet, actually done your own research and CREATED your own stat, post about it everywhere! Virality awaits.

Comment on comments.

If you’ve had some great comments in your feed, do a post where you’re reading and responding to them. This is great way to create outbound engagement

Write an “abstract”.

If you’ve been featured in a publication somewhere, write a teaser abstract you can post to your LinkedIn or IG, then send people to the original post. Teasers don’t have to take long – look at your first and last paragraphs for inspo.

Put your greatest hits in your email list.

Your email newsletter doesn’t have to focus on new content! Wild, right? You can totally go back in time and dig up fave posts or blog posts that need some more love. Breathe some new life into them by including them in your email list. 

Laugh at your past self.

Do you have a bunch of posts or blogs about “top ten predictions for XYZ” lurking in your closest? Go back and create a series of posts or vids talking about what you got wrong (or right)!

Take it to a journalist!

Posted something that has gone viral? Hit up journalists to see if they want to interview you about it or even let you expand on the idea in a bylined article.

I’m all about social made easy – and efficient. If you’re looking for some tips on how to elevate your social media game by using your time (and energy) wisely, sign up for Oh Snap’s Fan Firestarter Framework!