Showcase Your Expertise With LinkedIn Articles

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

As a social media manager, I’m constantly sharing with my clients the power of content marketing to flex their expertise muscles and build up rapport with their ideal audience. A great way and an often overlooked method is right here using LinkedIn Articles/Pulse.

What are LinkedIn Articles?

Glad you asked! LinkedIn articles are a type of content that is housed in a blog-like format on LinkedIn. Often they’re longer than updates and take a deeper dive into your expertise on a particular subject matter. 

Now, don’t get these confused with LinkedIn updates or posts that are often the quick to create, quick to consume pieces of content in which you may share a news articles from a popular industry publication and give your two cents. These updates are more transient and are “housed” on the activity feed (news feed) for your audience to consume and engage with or scroll on by.

Think of it like this: LinkedIn articles can be shared as a post/update, but a post/update shouldn’t be a LinkedIn article.

Goal For LinkedIn Articles

The primary goal for LinkedIn articles should be to educate. Flex your expertise muscles and showcase all you know within your particular industry. Give, give, give value! You identify what to write about by who will be ultimately be receiving it. Define your audience before you write anything — always and forever, amen.

Identify Your Audience

I talk a lot to my clients and customers about developing a sound avatar or persona for their content and products. Drilling down those specific demographics and persona story will make writing articles and other content a lot easier and take less time.

Creating Your First Article

If you need assistance walking down the path to posting your first LinkedIn article, you can download my made-easy cheat sheet right here — It also comes with a handy video screen share, where I walk you through step-by-step. Happy writing!

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