Social Media Is Not A “Set It And Forget It” Medium

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Strategy

Do you remember this informercial back in the day…

Probably the most epic of infomercial taglines ever. Though I hate to break it do you, my friend, but social media is not a medium that you can just schedule your content and walk away from until the next month. It’s one that has to constantly be basted or run the risk of being too dry and leaving a bad taste in your audiences’ mouth.

If you’re looking for authentic engagement, primed leads, and a decent return on your investment, you have to become more of a strategic thinker and less “post and pray” machine.

Social media is like its own business inside of a business. Unfortunately, many people view it as something they don’t have to put much thought into, and it’s just one more thing they have to check off of their to-do list, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Two things need to happen with your content to lead to some level of success for your business.

1. Content needs to be intentional

The first thing that needs to happen is your content needs to be intentional. Everything from the content itself, down to when you’re implementing it, what type of media you’re pairing your message with and what call-to-action is going to be shared. Yes, be creative, be conversational, be compelling, but know what the best content combination is to lead to that conversion and when (timing is often everything) you’re launching it on your social platforms.

Think about this: When companies plan television or print advertising, for example, it is never just something they’ve put together at the last minute and placed anywhere they could find space. They buy ad space according to their strategy, and they choose words, images, and music that speaks to their ideal customer. Do the same for your ideal clients who are on social media. You want to create compelling content that takes the buyer on a journey of awareness, consideration, and decision, leaving breadcrumbs every step of the way. Nine times out of ten, you’ve done the work. You know who your ideal client is, and you know what they need. Make sure your content touches on those pain points and how you solve them.

One more thing about this great content you’re going to create or repurpose once you finish reading this post: The potential clients that connect with you most likely they’re doing so because of you. They like you and what you have to offer. Therefore, when you’re selecting images for your social media content, make sure it’s sprinkled with personal photos here and there. Include pictures of you, your team, your work environment that they’ve become familiar with through your shares on your Instagram Reels or Stories. People want to do business with you, not your logo.

Once you’ve come up with this stand-out content and put it out into the mediasphere to watch it work, you need to measure what matters.

2. Content needs to be measured

You should be diving into the metrics of your content at least once a month because here’s the thing; you can establish consistency in your posting and show up every day, but if you’re unaware of whether or not it’s meeting your social media goals. #TruthTalk

The only way to be sure that your social media strategy is indeed working for you is to measure it. Part of the beauty of creating social media content is quick access to the available metrics across all platforms. And while it seems there’s a different, more critical metric that surfaces every day, the ones that will be key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business will be determined by your business goals overall.

With all this talk of metrics specific to your business, KPIs, and so much more, developing a social media strategy can be daunting. If this seems like a lot to chew on, you’re not alone. I have clients who came to me ready to pull their hair out from overwhelm. I got your back and a lemon drop martini waiting for ya! Because of this, I created my Fan Firestarter Framework – A 5-step signature process that we use to catapult our clients’ social media platforms to the next level, taking everything from spectacular content creation to analytics and making it all work for your business. You can read more about our Fan Firestarter Framework here. If you have any questions about getting this process started with us, drop us a line!