If you’ve tapped a link in someone’s bio recently, you’ve probably seen those bio landing pages that act as a middleman between bio and website. There are a few companies offering these “trees”, but the best-known is probably Linktree. 

Now look, I totally get the appeal. Yay, easy way to link to those various giveaways! Woo, handy way to link different social profiles!

But here’s my three-pepper spicy take: bio landing pages are doing your brand a disservice. Let me break it down for you. 

Too Many Links = Link Salad

The other day I clicked someone’s Linktree and started twitching at the sheer amount of links on there. Dude, I just wanted to get to your website, but here I am scrolling through a dozen random links to find the most important piece of your brand! The website link was waaaay down the bottom under a whole bunch of low-value links. If I have to load up another window and Google you, your UX is all messed up. Even if I don’t, I still have to tap twice to get to your website! Every extra tap risks losing a user, so be careful out there!

Don’t Hand Your Brand to Someone Else

Most of these landing page aggregators allow at least some degree of brand customization. But let’s face it, mostly they’re just…a bunch of links in bubbles. Is that how you want to showcase your brand to your world? Especially when you have your amazing website that you spent a ton of time and $$$ designing and building? You want to always be putting your brand’s best foot forward, so make sure you’re not cheapening it in the name of capturing those competition entries or seasonal orders. 

You’re Losing Brand Cachet and SEO Power!

Here’s the big one. You know I’m a big analytics gal – I love me some Google Analytics. The thing with Linktree and their ilk is that every time someone clicks from your social media profile to your website via Linktree, you’re handing over those “clicks” to the aggregator!

That means your website is missing opportunities to build your SEO page rank. Instead of whacking the menu of your website up on Linktree, get strategic about your individual landing pages, your newsletter, and your sales funnel. Get it right, and you won’t need a third-party to help with those click-throughs.

Who Knows What the Future Will Bring

Linktree launched as a way to get around Instagram’s “one link per account” policy – so we can definitely see a future where IG cracks down on the presence of aggregators. Twitter banned it, then unbanned it, then…honestly, who knows at this point.

But my point is that any social media platform could change its rules around these aggregators at any time, so it’s in your best interest to build a great website and sales funnel instead.

Still figuring out how to connect the dots of your social media presence? Book a call with me via this link that goes directly to my website (not via an aggregator) and get your socials sorted, my friend.