It’s a big ol’ social media world out there. With new platforms popping up what seems like every other day, it’s easy to stretch yourself thin with endless Tweets, posts, Reels, stories, and lives. The overwhelm can be paralyzing, right? And while I know we’re all being told to “do more with less”, I’m here to suggest something revolutionary. 

Doing less with less — with intention.

Yeah, I said it.

Look, it’s super easy to get caught up in the social media hamster wheel of posting everywhere and being active all the time.

Plus the “gurus” out there don’t make it any easier with all the pressure. But more ain’t always more. You know what’s plenty when you’re getting started? Two platforms.

That’s right. Two’s company. Three’s a way-too-crowded to-do list. At least for now. Once you’re killing it on two platforms, then go for the trifecta. 

You’ll thank us, I promise. Seriously, doing two platforms well, tweaking, testing, and learning is better than doing three platforms mediocre, where you’re just trying to satisfy the algorithm or keep up with others in your industry. Not to mention the burnout that could come along with spreading yourself or your team too thin. Here’s what I mean…

It Pays to Go Where Your Audience Is!

Although we’re busy social media bees here at Oh Snap! Social (seriously, have you seen the brillant minds I get to hang out with everyday?) , if you take some time to scroll all of our accounts, you’ll see that we spend most of our energy on LinkedIn and Instagram. (And a small amount of that energy repackaging content for other platforms.)

That’s because that’s where our audience hangs out, that’s where relationships are nurtured and where deals ultimately kick off with prospective clients. And it makes way more sense to spend our limited time and energy reaching the people who are definitely going to connect with what we have to say than those who *might*. Read that sentence again!

This matters, because we’ve taken the necessary time to know who our audience is (and is not), where to find them AND what they want, all so we can deliver killer content that they want to soak up like it’s the Florida sun. That means more impact, more conversions, and fewer weird and off-topic messages in your DMs.

How Well Do You Really Know Your Audience?

Here’s a secret for new social media pros. Great content is a totally subjective thing. Something that’s amazing to one group is meh to another. Whether something lands just right (and you can make it land just right, promise) is a matter of knowing your audience.

Not sure who you’re trying to reach? It’s time to hit pause on that meme generator and those TikTok dance clips. All that stuff comes *after* you figure out who your people are, where they hang out, what challenges they’re facing, and why you’re the one to solve ‘em.

Get some stats on your audience demographics, talk to your current customers, and figure out what they want to see. This step is the foundation to your whole social media presence, so don’t skip it unless you want to see those follower and engagement numbers stall out like teenage me trying to drive a manual transmission.

To Know Where You Are, You Have To Know Where You’re At Right Now!

Look, we get it. Sometimes simple ain’t easy. Especially when you’re in uncharted territory and you’re not even sure how to go about finding north. That’s why we’re here to help. Book a Pulse Check consult with us, and we’ll take you through our Fan Firestarter Framework, our signature process, and a handy-dandy way to easily define your audience and figure out where you need to be showing up, and how.