AMA isn’t just a music award. Online obsessives will know that it also (and probably more importantly) stands for “Ask Me Anything.” Basically an AMA is where thought leaders, bigwigs and famous people open up to questions from the general public, and candidly share their experiences and wisdom. 

With the right lead time and the right platform, AMAs can achieve massive engagement. That’s largely because they’re all about being authentic, candid and real. If you’re looking to drum up interest around new products, explain big changes, or provide a window into what you do, consider hosting an AMA as a one-off, or even a regular thing.

I want to do an AMA! How do I do it?

So you’re on the AMA bandwagon (yay you!) Here’s what to think about before you kick off the adventure.

What’s your pitch?

You don’t have to be famous to do an AMA, but an angle helps. What’s unique about your story, and why will people want to know more? A common AMA format is something like “I am the founder of the first woman-owned rooftop kiwifruit farming business in North Virginia, AMA.” What will yours be?

What’s the goal?

AMAs can be pretty free-wheeling, but consider if you have a specific goal you want to achieve. Are you spreading the word about your business? Cementing yourself as leader? Sharing new research? Getting to know clients or customers? Giving the lowdown on a new product? Having a topic and a goal will help you keep things on track.

Where are you going to do it?

There are tons of Subreddits that do AMAs. But you can also host yours on Zoom or your own social media platforms (eg TikTok, IG stories, or even in the comments of your FB page, if that’s where you feel most comfortable). Be sure to choose a time when your audience is active!

How long will it run?

Some AMAs might run for just a few minutes. Others stay open for days or even weeks, with the host popping in to answer questions when they have time. Figure out what works for you and your schedule. Your approach could be as formal as setting something up through a third party weeks ahead of time, or as casual as something you just do on your Insta while you drink your Thursday morning coffee. 

Will you have any rules?

Is there a specific topic you’re going to focus on? Will you answer every question? Will you pre-screen them? Will you allow anonymous ones? How long will the AMA run? Will there be a moderator? Having rules can help weed out the spam and the haters, but you also don’t want so many rules that people feel like they’re getting canned responses.  

What groundwork can you lay?

Having some pre-planned answers ready to go will help set you up for success, so definitely do this! Do your tech troubleshooting ahead of time, and have a plan for what happens if bad actors show up or you get asked questions you’re not comfortable answering. On the flip side, have a friend or moderator ready with some backup questions just in case there’s a lull. And don’t forget to have those invites, hashtags and links ready so that people can easily find you!

How can you repurpose your content?

You know I’m all about this. When you do your AMA, save or record everything you can for later use on your socials, in your newsletter, your website FAQs, or even in media pitches!  

Questions about AMAs? I’m always answering questions over on Insta, so drop me a Q and I’ll answer it next time I’m having my morning coffee!