You’ve completed your Pulse Check Audit and you’re ready for us to tackle the next step in the Fan Firestarter Framework — the strategy. This, my friends, is our favorite part! Why? because it helps us align our creative thinking with your business goals. This is where we develop those SMART goals and truly figure out what social media success looks like for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

That’s right. We like our social media strategy the way we like our pizzas: extremely customized (and minus the pineapple.) If you approach social media without an understanding of your goals, audience, or business context, you’ll spend a ton of time posting stuff that doesn’t actually gain traction. In contrast, a tailored social media strategy meets your business where it is – for results that deliver. 

A personalized social media strategy:

  • Matches your brand identity, tone, and sensibility
  • Creates value for your audience, building engagement and loyalty
  • Uses your time and resources smartly
  • Supports your broader business goals – meaning more leads, and more sales
  • Helps franchisees tap into the local market to achieve powerful ROI
  • Is great for your SEO and overall web presence!

A great custom strategy means great results. We know, because we wrote the book on it (and we’ll write a whole new one for you!)

The Thiccest Social Media Manual Around

We’re all about documentation here, so you’ll get your strategy delivered in your very own personalized Social Media Manual. This manual will serve as a roadmap and rulebook for bringing customers to your digital front doors – and helping your brand strut its best stuff online.

It contains a ton of goodies like:

-Specific communication strategies based on your chosen platforms.

-Nailing down concrete goals for each platform so you always know where you stand.

-Developing a full audience persona that breaks down who you should be talking to.

-Curating full hashtag recommendations based on what’s trending and relevant.

-An image branding guide that outlines what your graphics should look like (and how to keep them on brand).

-A complete content calendar so you always know what’s coming up.

-Specific implementation plans for powerful social media that grows with time.

-And lots more! 

Ready to build a powerful social media strategy that integrates with your overall sales plan and delivers the business growth you want? The Fan Firestarter Framework will get your business popping off. Get started today!